5 Colourful Accessories to Spruce Up Your Cashmere Kitchen

5 Colourful Accessories to Spruce Up Your Cashmere Kitchen: Cashmere kitchen decor doesn’t have to be boring, so long as you know what to do with it and have the right items on hand to make the most of your kitchen decor. If you’re looking to add some extra pizzazz to your room, consider these five colourful accessories to bring your kitchen up to date without spending too much time or money doing so! You’ll be cooking and enjoying in style in no time!

1) Flower Pot – Yellow

Flower pot - Yellow

Yellow is a wonderful color in the kitchen, and not just for lemon and vanilla-scented air fresheners. A little yellow here and there can really spruce up your cashmere kitchen. Add it on the table with a matching fan, or use a pot of yellow flowers by the window to let those colourful vibes be seen!

You could also add a tiny bit of yellow onto any white appliances such as your fridge or mixer. In fact, that might even be better because other colours would clash with its sleek look. You don’t have to go all out with your accessories—even one splash of yellow would make all the difference!

Table Lamp – Black: If you want something flashier and more noticeable than a few yellow pots around your house, then why not try adding black accessories?

2) Ice Bucket – Rose gold

Ice bucket - Rose gold

Fan yourself with a rose gold, a shapely fan that is bound to accentuate your cool-as-a-cucumber demeanor. Fill it with delicate and fragrant lavender blooms as an added touch. Have one near you at all times, so you’ll be ready for all of life’s occasions.

Be prepared for unexpected company by purchasing a tea towel set in two different colours: one darker in color and one lighter–to mix and match with any room’s decor. Not only will they dry your dishes, but they will also add a pop of color to your countertop or table.

Keep track of the time using some stunning faux succulents in glass globes – perfect for those who are always on the go!

3) Napkin Ring – Green

Napkin ring - Green

Spruce up your cashmere kitchen with a selection of brightly coloured napkin rings. They are inexpensive and easy to find, so you will have no problem finding the right style and colour for your space.

– Magenta: This pop of intense colour is excellent in an airy, white room and it goes well with light wood furniture. If you love the bright blue-purple colour and like the idea of attracting attention from your diners, this might be the perfect choice for you. This intense colour can also be muted down by pairing it with cream, taupe or pale yellow walls for a look that’s still bold but more subdued than all out magenta on white.

4) Coasters – White

Coasters - White

Coasters are an essential accessory that protect table surfaces from spills and stains. They are also a functional items with many decorative uses, like placing them at the entrance of your kitchen so that guests have somewhere to set their drinks.

Place mats – Grey: Place mats are an affordable way to spruce up any room without breaking the bank. You can use place mats for decoration as well as protection from heat and cold by using thicker ones in winter or thinner ones in summer.

5) Bread Basket – Black

Bread basket - Black

A bread basket is a wonderful accessory for your kitchen and with black being such a popular colour this season, it’s the perfect time to buy one. It’s stylish, functional and provides the perfect finishing touch to your space.

They’re also easy to clean so you can look forward to keeping them looking fresh year-round.  Glassware – Clear: One of the best ways to enjoy an evening at home is by sitting down to dinner or dessert while enjoying wine or water from glassware that has a nice clarity to it.

Luckily, we have just what you need! From everyday drinking glasses to beautiful stemware that will be the centrepiece of any table setting, you’ll find everything here in our glassware department.

Conclusion: 5 Colourful Accessories to Spruce Up Your Cashmere Kitchen

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Looking to brighten up your dark kitchen? Try painting it to look like wood!

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