Best Applications Compatible With Google Home {Update 2022}

Best applications compatible with google home: Although until a decade ago the “Smart Home” seemed to be just a dream, today it is a complete reality. The way in which your devices can be interconnected to control different elements of your home is something that all manufacturers work on, and few do it with as much effort as Google.

Although it is true that there are other alternatives on the market, such as Amazon’s Alexa, the truth is that Google Home is the favorite voice assistant for fans of devices with the Android operating system.

So, if you have a smartphone with this OS, and also a Chromecast, you will know that it is a peripheral that cannot be missing in your home. For this reason, today at webinfozones, we will talk about the best apps that you can use with Google Home so that you can get the most out of it.

Best Apps For Google Home: The Essentials

Google’s smart assistant supports more than 1,800 apps, many with native settings at launch. Although the choice has not been easy, we have had as a starting point the applications for Google Home that you will use the most:

Spotify: Your Favorite Music and Podcasts

With more than 270 million monthly active users, Spotify is the market leader in streaming music and podcasts. The platform has nearly 40 million songs from the industry’s top artists from yesterday and today. Before you can use the app on Google Home, you must couple it to the device’s driver software.

To do this, in the Home app you must click on the “ +” section, located in the main menu, and then select the Music and audio option. From the list, choose Spotify and then tap Link account. After this, you just have to log in and you will be able to control the playback of the contents from Google Home.

On the other hand, if you also set the app as your default player, you won’t have to end each voice command with the word “ Spotify”. You will only have to say phrases like “ Play rock music ”, “ Volume up”, “Volume down” or “Pause” and the device will accept and play your requests.

Download: Spotify From the Google Play Store.

Tick ​​Tick: Your To Do List

Without a doubt, it is the most popular task manager. You can create and review your activities without the need to take out your mobile for it. Although the version for Home changes slightly, most of the features are maintained, such as its link with Google Calendar or the synchronization of tasks between devices.

To get an idea of ​​how functional the app is, just say “ Talk to TickTick ” and then the combination of simple words like “ Add a task ”, “ What tasks do I have for today? ”, “ What are my tasks on the work list? ” or “ remind me of my shopping list ” to be able to manage everything quickly.

Its interface allows you to modulate up to 4 priority levels so that the notification system adjusts to your daily agenda. If you get used to planning what you do on a daily basis, this tool cannot be missing from the catalog of apps for Google Home.

Download: Tick ​​Tick From the google Play Store.

IFTTT: Essential to Create Automatisms

IFTTT is a must-have app for automating tasks and movements on social media. In this sense, its compatibility with Google Home represents one more step in the simplification of actions. Its interface can be connected with approximately 630 applications, so you can manage all of them in one place.

Many users use it to simplify the publication of content on their social networks since you can schedule a photo to be published in each of your accounts with a simple voice command. In addition, you will be able to control the thermostat, manage your images in folders, make backup copies and check the latest news.

The functions that we have mentioned are only some of those available and the possibilities are even greater depending on the apps that you can centralize. Getting used to it is very quick and intuitive, and on a monthly basis, the catalog of compatible software is further expanded to better take advantage of this multifunction tool.

Download: IFTTT From the google Play Store.

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AutoVoice: Control With Your Voice

Tool that is distributed in 2 modes: one free and one paid. Although it can be somewhat complex at first, it is one of the essential apps that you must have on your Google peripheral. Although its possibilities are almost limitless, even today it is used to centralize the use of mobile devices.

For example, after a configuration, the app will connect with Tasker and from here you can remotely control your tablet or smartphone so that it performs a certain action without touching its screen. But this is not all, since you can also control the thermostat, configure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or run applications, among other things.

The free version allows you to manage voice commands of only 4 characters, while the paid option extends the possibilities to more complex phrases. It may take you some time to fully get used to its way of operating, but for this you have the tutorials on YouTube that both its developer and third parties offer.

Download: AutoVoice From the google play store.

Philips Hue: Control the lights in your house

Controlling the lights in your house from a distance is, without a doubt, one of the pillars of the Smart Home. And if you don’t want to do it through a centralized app, you can use the virtues of Philips Hue. Among other things, the tool allows you to turn on, turn off, change the intensity, tone and color of the lighting just by ordering it from the peripheral.

You can also automate the times of day the lights turn on or change color (handy when you’re out and about). In fact, on average, you can choose between 16 million colors and different shades of white.

Likewise, you can modulate the intensity of the light according to your mood or depending on what you are going to do. For example, if you are going to watch a movie, you do not have to get up to turn off the light, but only pronounce the respective command to Home. Interesting, right?

Download: Philips Hue From the google Play Store.

Nest: Control Your Entire Home

If you have taken the concept of Smart Home to the limit, surely you have Google Nest devices in your home. Some, such as thermostats, smoke detectors, doorbells, cameras, smart screens and others, allow you to functionally simplify control, and you will do this more quickly and intuitively from its parent app: Nest.

Well, its interface not only allows you to control everything related to the brand’s products (such as turning lights on and off, regulating the temperature of the thermostat or turning on the cameras), but it also notifies you when you have forgotten to do one of these actions after leaving home.

So that you do not have to use your mobile or tablet when you are at home, you only have to give the respective instructions to take advantage of the virtues of an interconnected home. Its interface is very colorful and intuitive, so you shouldn’t have any major problems when making the initial settings.

Download: Nest From the google play store

TuneIn: All Radio Stations

Thanks to its native integration with the Google peripheral, listening to your favorite radio stations is easier and more fun with TuneIn. And it is that depending on where you are, the app will already be in the list of Home options and you only have to start playing your favorite stations with a voice command similar to “ Ok Google, play (name of the station) in Tuneln ”.

To do this, you must take into account that the tool cannot be used manually, but only supports voice commands. Remember, apart from this, that the peripheral can only play stations whose transmission is in mp3 and AAC format. If they don’t operate under these formats, they won’t run.

More than 100,000 stations from the world’s top radio stations are waiting for you!

Download: TuneIn From the google play store.

Netflix or Prime Video: Don’t Miss a Movie or Series

The purchase experience of this peripheral will not be complete if you do not use it with streaming movie playback apps. Being Amazon Prime Video and Netflix the main references, it is normal that they are your first download options. In the first you will have access to more than 17,000 movies, while the Netflix catalog offers around 4,000 titles.

To link the apps, remember that you must first associate both services to your Google account so that you can centralize the commands. You can do this by following the path Home/Menu/Google Assistant/More Settings/Services/Videos and Photos. In this last section you must choose one of the two tools and then click on Associate.

Later, for the process to be successful, keep in mind that your TV must be connected to a Chromecast version 1.21.

Download: Netflix or Prime Video From the google play Stor.

Google Calendar: Don’t Forget Anything!

Google Calendar is an app that you cannot skip in your day-to-day life. Being a tool from the same developer, it is included in Home natively, so you don’t have to proceed to download it. Its interface allows you to manage several calendars, in case you use the device with other users.

Among other things, you can create and delete tasks, add reminder notifications, manage your upcoming activities or plan your week.

For now, it is the only calendar compatible with the Home. Do not forget that you must configure the notification interval to avoid missing an activity and that you can also adjust the limits of each one that you have to do (the standard is 30 minutes, although it can be more or less). Without a doubt, one of the essentials.

Download: Google Calendar From the google play store.

Akinator: The Game that Reads Your Mind

So that you can enjoy the other side of the coin of this type of device, we invite you to download Akinator, a very entertaining app with which you will be able to spend hours of fun and intrigue. The objective of the tool is to guess what you are thinking, by asking you a series of questions and analyzing your answers.

Taking into account its mode of operation, you can do without your mobile and listen and answer the questions from the Google device. The application is compatible with 16 languages ​​and has a system of daily challenges to explore the different aspects of the game.

Download: Akinator From the google play store.

And of course the Google Home app

We have already made reference to it insistently throughout this post, but we cannot say goodbye without emphasizing that you download the Google Home application. This app is the bastion that allows you to control all the others and, without it, both your Google Home and your Google Nest or Chromecast will be incomplete.

And it is not only useful to manage the first steps in peripherals but also to access native functions. Please note that the peripheral works as long as there is a stable connection and some applications have only regional compatibility.

Its configuration is done in a matter of seconds and it operates with the data of your Google account. If you want, you can manage multiple accounts on its interface so that multiple users can use the device.

What are Google Home Devices?

Launched in 2016, it is a voice assistant for the home with which you can centralize the use of various applications. The tool was designed to encourage the Smart Home philosophy, to the point that today it has become a central piece for managing cameras, thermostats, doorbells, lighting systems and more.

The peripheral has been designed to synchronize with other devices of the brand, such as Google Chromecast. There are several models, among which the Google Home Classic, Home Mini, Google Nest Mini (under another series, but with the same function) and Google Nest Hub (in tablet form, but with an identical centralized philosophy) stand out. You can see them all on their official website.

The phrase “The future is now” seems to have more importance in the current times than ever before. In this sense, accepting that the Smart Home is already a fact and that it will become part of our lives is something that all users must channel.

Conclusion: Best Applications Compatible With Google Home

Okay now you Know best applications compatible with google home, hope you enjoy this list post of best applications compatible with google home for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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