Best Apps for Android Tablets {Update 2022}

Best apps for Android tablets: Tablets timidly entered our homes and over time they have become a must-have device for many people.

There are tablets designed for children and tablets for work, of different sizes and with many features depending on what you need, but what are the best applications to install on a tablet? We are talking about the essentials: those that cannot be missed.

You are before our selection of the best apps for Android tablets, although we also recommend that you go through the post of the best mobile Android apps where you will find the best for smartphones.

Apps for Android tablets: the best of 2022

We welcome you to our selection of the best applications for tablets. It does not matter if you have a Samsung tablet, a Xiaomi tablet or a BQ tablet: as long as it uses the Android operating system, this list is for you.

It is a complete and exhaustive list, with direct links to Google Play so you can download them comfortably.

AirDroid: remote access to your tablet from any computer

If you use the tablet as a work tool, and you need to access it and be able to control it, even if you don’t have it in your hands, AirDroid can be very useful. Aside from having remote access to your tablet, you can also use it to access any Android device.

With it you will be able to send files, read notifications, and in short, control all aspects of your device from your computer. Beyond remote access, there are people who use this tool to transfer files from the mobile or tablet to the computer in a simple way.

An option that can be very productive for your day to day.

However, keep in mind that if you have a Linux-based operating system on your computer, you will not have a desktop version of AirDroid. Although the developers are working on this option. It is free, do you find it useful for you and do you want to try it?

Download: AirDroid From the Google Play Store.

LastPass: save and manage all your passwords

It is always recommended (and we recommend), that for security it is important to use different passwords for each email account, social network, bank access, etc. But there are so many accounts that need a username and password, that it is practically impossible to memorize them all. But of course, to store them without problems it is also necessary to have a safe place.

So that you can sleep without headaches knowing that your passwords are safe, you can download LastPass. This tablet app allows you to store your passwords, generate new ones and make them completely secure, create and save logins also securely. That is, keep you safe from possible theft.

LastPass is free, but with the Premium version you can share unlimited passwords with your circle of trust, and have 1 GB of encrypted file storage, along with other additional benefits. The cost of this option is $3 per month, with a 30-day free trial.

If you are interested in knowing more applications of this type, do not hesitate to take a look at the apps to manage passwords on your mobile devices.

Download: LastPass From the Google Play Store.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

The keyboards that come standard with tablets and different applications are often not intuitive at all, and do not adapt to our particular way of writing. A keyboard app that works very well on Android, that solves all these problems that we’re talking about, and that is also  the most downloaded of its kind is SwiftKey.

This keyboard has the ability to learn from your writing, thus being totally personalized, with numerous emojis so you can express yourself in an even more special way. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Download: Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard From the Google Play Store.

Spotify: listen to music and podcasts

Do you consider yourself a music lover (or music lover), who cannot live without music? So yes or yes you have to have Spotify as one of your favorite tablet apps.

With it you can listen to the music you like the most, get inspired by podcasts, have the option of learning about new songs or artists, and choose the playlist that best suits your activities or mood.

You can download this tool for free, but the Premium version offers advantages such as being free of ads, or the possibility of downloading to listen to music without an Internet connection.

Prices start at €9.99 per month for the individual plan, but now you have 3 months free, so take advantage!

Learn about all the advantages of Spotify and tell us how it goes with it and what new music you have discovered.

Download: Spotify From the Google Play Store.

Dropbox: keep all your files in the cloud

One of the best ways to keep all your important files safe is to upload them to the cloud. There is more than one cloud storage application, but this time we want to talk about one of the best and most popular: Dropbox.

With this tablet app installed, your files and photos will be uploaded automatically and in the background, so it doesn’t affect the performance and functionality of other running apps. It syncs with all your devices, and you can access any file, even offline, viewing more than 175 different formats without having to open any other tool.

Dropbox is free, but if you want to get more than 2TB of storage, you can go for the Premium option. You have a 30-day free trial!  Also, if you need to use this tool for your work, it is also possible to opt for the Professional option. You will only pay for what you need. That’s good, don’t you think?

Download: Dropbox From the Google Play Store.

WPS Office: the perfect office suite for tablets

The Office package is essential for many people, and with this tablet application you can use it on your mobile devices. You can use it for your texts in Word, for Excel, Power Point, or PDF. In addition, it is compatible with teamwork tools, such as Zoom or Slack, among others.

This is a very interesting option for students or professionals who use the tablet as their main work tool. Plus it’s free!  And although it has certain limitations, such as fonts, for example, it is really worth it and we recommend that you try it so that you can give your opinion. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Download: WPS Office From the Google Play Store.

Todoist: don’t forget anything!

Most (if not all) productivity professionals recommend using planners to get the most out of your day, both personally and professionally. If you agree with this statement, but you’re a tech person, try Todoist.

Todoist is an application for tablets, cataloged as one of the best that exists with these features and functionalities. It allows you to plan your day, organize tasks, work on different projects and as a team. For that, the app is compatible with Slack, Google Calendar, Alexa, and many more!

This type of agenda for mobile devices has very good recommendations. And it’s free! You can also opt for the Premium version in case you need reminders or work with up to 25 people on 300 projects at the same time, for only €3 per month.

We encourage you to read this article about other calendar apps for Android and thus have the opportunity to explore the fascinating world of productivity through calendars.

Download: Todoist From the Google Play Store.

Netflix: your favorite movies and series on your tablet

Haven’t you downloaded Netflix on your tablet yet? Little remains to be said about this application, since it is one of the most downloaded and used worldwide in recent times.

If you don’t want to miss the latest series that everyone is talking about, and have the option to watch your favorite movies wherever you want, we recommend that you also download it on all your Android devices.

If you don’t have Netflix, creating a new account is very simple, and the prices are very cheap. From €7.99 per month you will have access to the basic plan.

Download: Netflix From the Google Play Store.

Autodesk SketchBook: don’t give up on creativity

Do you like to draw? It may be that the answer is NO, but it is also possible that it is because you have not tried it properly, letting your imagination run wild.

Autodesk SketchBook is an app for Tablet, which in a very simple and intuitive way gives you the option of drawing without giving up creativity.

It is designed to make sketches, but the truth is that with it you can make drawings and illustrations with great precision, and it can be the final version.  Also, by having it on the tablet, every time you have an idea, it will be very easy to capture it with this tool.  You can have it completely free!

If you are already in the world of drawing, or want to explore it further, you can start by downloading Autodesk SketchBook. Or also by downloading some of the best drawing apps!

Download: Autodesk SketchBook From the Google Play Store.

Pixlr: edit your photos for free in a professional way

Due to the rise of social networks, more and more amateurs have edited photos that look like they were made by professionals. And that’s because of the ease and variety of photo editors, like in this case,  Pixlr.

This tool is one of the best applications for tablet or PC, completely free to edit photos. You even get all the Premium options without paying a dime, just by signing up! One of its great features is that it has more than 2 million effects. This means that you will be able to leave your photos exactly how you want.

As we say, there are many options when choosing a photo editing application. Pixlr is one of our favourites, but we don’t want you to be left wanting to know all of them and choose the one that best suits you. That is why we leave you an article where we talk about the best applications for photo editing.

Download: Pixlr From the Google Play Store.

Flipboard: read the news on your tablet

Paper newspapers have long passed in a certain way to a better life. Many of the publishers decided to go for digital versions of them. And the technological advance is unstoppable.

Flipboard is an app to read news on your device. But not just any news: only the ones you choose. It is the next step:  personalized information, on demand. You decide what interests you and the source of information you want to read, and Flipboard automatically updates it for you.

You can choose between newspapers and magazines from all over the world. There is no longer an excuse for not being informed of what is happening!

Download: Flipboard From the Google Play Store.

Kindle: perfect application to read electronic books

This is another way to take advantage of the screen resolution of your tablet. Kindle turns your iPad or tablet into an e-book, thus bringing the two devices together in one. Perfect if you’re going on a trip and don’t want to carry all the gadgets!

Kindle is an app for reading books whose optimization is perfect for any device. It allows you access to more than one and a half million electronic books, among which you will find 1,400 completely free of charge.  Reading for free on your tablet is no longer a problem!

You can adjust the reading to what you prefer, for example the brightness of the screen or the font size. In addition, you can consult the words that you do not know in its integrated dictionary.

Download: Kindle From the Google Play Store.

Youtube: to watch free videos

YouTube has become the   most revolutionary video social network on the Internet. It really marked a before and after in the way of sharing, getting to know, listening to music or making oneself known, among many other things. We have talked about the platform on other occasions, such as in the post on how to activate the dark theme on YouTube, for example.

We consider it one of the best tools for your tablet in Spanish, since thanks to the larger screens of these devices, you can enjoy the videos in superior quality and without leaving your eyes on the small screen of the mobile. Also, if you have little ones at home, you can download YouTube Kids and enjoy the family experience even more.

Enjoy your video clips, jokes, the most viral videos and the latest news with YouTube for tablet.  Download it here now!

Download: Youtube From the Google Play Store.

Google Earth: discover the world

Google Earth is an impressive tool from Google that allows you to see every corner of planet Earth – and now much more, letting you see parts of the universe, such as the Moon.

A perfect application for students, for the most curious geographers, or for those who want to see their house from the air.  The zoom it has is incredible, giving perfect details of much of the world’s geography. Google Earth allows you to see cities in 3D and with its Street View option you can see cities, towns and roads in the first person, as if you were standing in the middle of the highway.

It also allows you to explore the world and find important tourist spots, information and real photos. You can detail your search down to the smallest detail: maps of earthquakes, plane flights and even mountain trails.

We put it as a tablet program, since the size of the screen, once again exceeds that of the mobile in terms of the use and benefit of certain more visual apps and programs for tablets, such as Google Earth.

Download: Google Earth From the Google Play Store.

Fruit Ninja, the quintessential game

Fruit Ninja is one of those free tablet games that you cannot miss. Although it has a mobile version, by downloading the app we can enjoy the game in a more complete way. Basically because the screen is bigger, everything looks better and we have more space to play.

Forget about free games like Minecraft for tablet (unless you love it) and bet on simple games that will entertain you tremendously. It is because of its simplicity and playability that we love this tablet game.

If you still don’t know what this game is about, it’s about cutting fruits that appear on the screen. With “ninja-style” finger movements we will break watermelons, strawberries, peaches and much more. Don’t miss any uncut fruit or you will lose life (you have 3 in total) and of course, don’t split the bombs in two or everything will explode. Colors and fun guaranteed.

Download: Fruit Ninja From the Google Play Store.

AVG Antivirus, total security

Security is a very important aspect in all our electronic devices, and the tablet was not going to be less. That is why we bring you an antivirus for Android, so that, without spending a dime, you can protect your tablet properly.

The sure name that sounds to you: AVG antivirus, the version of the program for tablets on this occasion. This antivirus will allow you to scan applications before opening them to see if they are safe (files too, of course), you will be able to locate your lost tablet, block it and eliminate tasks that take up memory and slow it down. Do you think there are few reasons why we recommend it?

Well, it also allows you to browse online more safely and identifies errors and fixes them. Do not leave your security in charge of others!

Download: AVG Antivirus From the Google Play Store. tablet: to watch movies and series for free

With this app you can enjoy the best TVE movies and series on an Android tablet. It gives you access to watch free live or deferred television on your tablet and in Spanish, as well as the network’s radio channels. If you are a fan of La1, La2, Teledeporte and Canal 24h, this is your app.

Broadcasts of your favorite matches live, from the comfort of your tablet: anywhere, anywhere. In addition, it has an interaction part, since it has the news classified by sections, such as economy, culture, national, international or sports.

And so far our proposal, with its corresponding links so you can download applications for tablets. We know that there are many more, of course, but today we have focused on those that are specifically going to be better for tablets than for mobiles, simply because of the size and resolution of the device’s screen. And as always, we look forward to your feedback!

Download: tablet From the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: Best Apps for Android Tablets

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