Best Apps to Create Graffiti With Android and iOS {Update 2022}

Best apps to create graffiti with android and ios: Art can be expressed in many ways, and as the popular saying goes, “every master has his little book”.

Well, how could it be otherwise, the same thing happens with street art. And did you know that you can download graffiti applications and put your creativity to the test simply by using your mobile?

Today, at webinfozones, we bring you the ten best apps to download graffiti for Android and iOS in 2022. All the essential tools to practice the urban art of graffiti wherever and whenever you want.

If you are looking for graffiti to draw and want to make true works of art, we give you everything you need to practice and emulate your favorite graffiti artists.

Are you interested? Stay with us and become an artist with these excellent graffiti apps.

Best Apps to Create Graffiti with Android and iOS

Next, we will talk about the best apps to make graffiti. Whether for Android or iOS, you’ll find a wide variety of tools, some of them specialized in very specific topics.

The ones we show you in this list are the best you’ll find, so get ready to download your favorite and start giving free rein to your imagination.

Graffiti Creator

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Graffiti Creator is one of the most downloaded Android graffiti app with more than  4 million users. It has a palette of more than  200 colors, different fonts and backgrounds, and the ability to zoom or rotate whatever you want with your fingers, among other features.

Graffiti Creator is free and offers many options to make custom street art. Now, if you want even more, it gives you the option to make purchases within the tool. Of course, you can download your creations to use them wherever you want and share them on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Download: Graffiti Creator From the Google Play store.

Graffiti Name Art

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Would you like to have a text with your name in the purest urban style? Graffiti Name Art provides you with unique fonts that you can customize to your liking with colors, backgrounds, textures, and a whole host of effects.

You can use the letters on the backgrounds that come in the app to make graffiti, either on a single-color background or on a photo of yourself that you want to personalize. You can even add stickers!

Once you have finished your graffiti, you can save it in your mobile gallery, and with a single click, you will also have the option to share your creation through a social network or messaging service, such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Graffiti Name Art is a free app that is available on iOS and Android. If you download it, keep in mind that it is in English. But art does not understand languages!

How to draw graffiti step by step

Sweetfit Studios brings us this excellent application to make graffiti designed for children between 9 and 12 years old. And it is that if your little one in the house loves to draw, this tool will provide him with the first steps in the art of graffiti so that he can learn to draw while having fun.

The different graffiti drawings in the app are classified into three difficulty levels (easy, medium and hard) and each of them indicates how many steps are needed to complete it.

So, you just have to take a paper and pencil and follow the detailed explanations of all the lines you have to do. Of course, the application is completely free.

Download: Graffiti Name Art From Google Play Store.

Graffwriter by Graffiti Fonts®

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Graffwriter is an exclusive graffiti app for iOS that will allow you to create authentic masterpieces through urban art. Its free version is very complete and comes equipped with 10 fonts, many illustrations, templates, brushes and colors, as well as the possibility of writing all the text you want  without character limits.

With Graffiti Fonts you will personalize your texts with completely unique and high-resolution fonts. You can also save, export or share your creations unlimitedly in two different formats, PNG and JPG.

One of the app’s strengths is that it doesn’t have ads and doesn’t collect user data, so you can work with it with ease. Of course, its interface is only available in English.

Download: Graffwriter by Graffiti Fonts From apps apple.

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Graffiti Unlimited

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One of the best-rated graffiti apps is Graffiti Unlimited. If you want to feel the adrenaline of painting real trains, subways, trams or police vans, you have to download this tool. You will be able to draw with the colors that you like the most and visualize your creations in real photos and videos.

There are many options, such as the New York subway, the Berlin subway, a German police car or different walls reserved for painting graffiti, among others.

Of course, to get the most out of the app, it is recommended to have a fast latest-generation smartphone and download Adobe Air. With all this you will live a unique experience. Download it on iOS or Android for free and, if you want, expand its features with the Premium version.

Download: Graffiti Unlimited From App Store app.

Graffiti Me!™: turn your photos into graffiti

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As we say in the title, Graffiti Me! turn your favorite photos into street art. A tool with which you can use any photo you want and give it a completely new look. The higher the quality of the original image, the better the result obtained.

You’ll be able to customize and tweak the design as much as you like, whether it’s painting areas of the photo with a simple finger gesture or adding a signature.

The app is compatible with Facebook, Twitter and email, so sharing your creation with your friends and family will be a breeze. Graffiti Me!™ is exclusive to iOS and is free.

Now, if you want to have access to all the features of the full version, you can do so after making a single payment of €4.99. Become a street art expert!

Download: Graffiti Me!™ From the App

Graffiti Logo Maker

Graffiti Logo Maker

If you have a small business, a brand or you just like to innovate, you may be interested in having a logo with an urban style. In this sense, Graffiti Logo Maker is an application to create free graffiti that provides you with graphic elements so that your creations have nothing to envy to those made by the best professional designers.

The tool allows you to create a logo from scratch or upload a photo from your gallery and edit it to be part of the created logo. Among other features, you will have the option to use texts with different fonts, apply filters, add frames or stickers or change the background of the photo.

The combinations are endless. The limit will be in your imagination! The app is exclusive to Android.

Download: Graffiti Logo Maker From the Google Play Store



Do you want to live the experience of being a graffiti artist? VANDALEAK is a game in which you can put yourself in the shoes of an urban artist and paint train cars in the main cities of the world.

To do this, you will have a wide variety of sprays from different manufacturers, being able to choose hundreds of colors and even change elements such as the nozzle.

Once you have chosen your spray, you will only have to select a city (New York, Paris, London, Los Angeles…) and bring out all your talent.

The graphics of the game are in 3D and, as in real life, you will be able to change the thickness of the paint, the opacity or the distance from which you paint. You can download VANDALEAK on Android and iOS for free, although you can buy gems to have more options.

Download: VANDALEAK From the App Store.

How to Draw Graffiti Characters

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If you remember, we have previously talked about the developer Sweetfit Studios with their app to learn how to draw graffiti. Well, now we present another of his apps, called How to Draw Graffiti Characters. And it is that if you are already beginning to master the spray, now you can dare to draw different characters to perfect your technique.

Again, the drawings are classified into three categories of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult) and each of them has a detailed step-by-step so that no detail escapes you. You will be able to draw and paint different animated characters: a panda bear, a gorilla, a monkey, a child… and much more! Of course, the app is free and we recommend it for both children and adults.

Download: Draw Graffiti Characters From the Google Play Store.

Graffiti Photo Editor

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Do you want to give an urban touch to your own photos? With Graffiti Photo Editor you will be able to completely personalize your photographs and transform them into authentic works of art.

To do this, this graffiti app provides you with more than 45 different walls and numerous text fonts so you can awaken your creative instinct.

Among other features, you will have the option to convert your photos into cartoon images, change the color, size, and opacity of the fonts or design personalized letters and invitations.

You can share your final work on social networks, save it on your SD card or even use it as a wallpaper for your mobile. The application is exclusive to Android and is completely free.

Without a doubt, graffiti is one of the most creative artistic manifestations and one that arouses the most interest. Whether you have already moved through this world or if you are taking your first steps, these apps will take you to the streets and their walls so that you can express everything you feel through painting.

And you, do you know any other application to make graffiti? Tell us about it and share your experience with us.

Download: Graffiti Photo Editor From the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: Best Apps to Create Graffiti with Android and iOS

Okay now you know how to create graffiti with apps, hope you enjoy this list post of graffiti apps for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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