How to Clear the Cache of Your Android Mobile Step by Step {Update 2022}

How to clear the cache of your Android mobile step by step: If you have an Android, you should already know that both apps and the system itself use cache memory to optimize performance. However, if too much data accumulates, the opposite effect occurs and the mobile slows down. So how to clear cache on Android?

Today, in webinfozones, we bring you all the methods to delete the Android cache in a 100% effective way in 2022. Each of the procedures explained step by step to completely clean the system memory and all installed apps.

To do this, our team ensures that you delete all data stored in the cache without leaving a trace and without resorting to third-party applications.

Shall we start? Discover how to free up cache memory and make your phone go faster than ever.

How to Clear the Cache on Android Step by Step

Since Android version 4.2, it is already possible to delete the Android cache directly from the Settings menu, without having to resort to the well-known applications to clean Android mobiles. To do this, just follow a few simple steps:

Go to “Settings” > “Storage”.

Once there, you will see the data used in applications, videos, images, downloads, and more. Find where it says “Cached Data”.

Press your finger on it and the following question will appear: “Clear cached data? App cache data will be cleared.”

Hit “Accept”.

So easy! You will have already cleared the Android cache in just a few simple steps.

How to clear the cache of mobile applications

Maybe you are not interested or it is not worth it to delete all the cache (although we think it is the most comfortable) and you simply want to remove what you use the most. For example, the cache of mobile Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Chrome, which is what we usually give the most to.

The procedure is very simple. To access the cache of specific applications and delete it, do the following:

Go to “Settings” > “Manage Applications”.

Choose the application that interests you.

Inside it, click on “Clear/clear cache”.

How to clear your browser cache on mobile

After seeing how to clear cache in mobile applications, now it is the turn of the memory stored in the web browser. In this case, it can be done within the browser itself.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the mobile web browser you use. But, in general, the steps to follow are very similar. Here we explain how to clear the cache in Google Chrome. Take note:

Open the Google Chrome app on your mobile.

Press the button located at the top right of the screen (the three vertical dots).

Now, tap on “History” and then select “Clear browsing data”.

Choose a time interval. If you want to delete everything, select the “All periods” option.

Check the “Cached files and images” box and click on “Clear data”. And ready!

If you wish, you can also check the other boxes and completely erase all browser data, such as history, cookies or saved passwords.

How to Clear System-Wide Cache on Android

If you’re looking to clear the cache for the entire Android system (not just apps), you’ll need to go into recovery mode and do what’s called Wipe Cache Partition.

All Android devices have access to Recovery Mode, although in each brand it is accessed by pressing different buttons (although always with the mobile turned off). Some of the combinations of the best known Android brands are:

Samsung: Power button + volume up + home

Motorola: Power button + volume down

LG: Power button + volume down

Xiaomi: Power button + volume down

Huawei: Power button + volume up

Nexus: Power button + volume down

Sony: Turn on and press volume up when the logo appears

BQ: Power button + volume up

Once you do this action, you will be in Recovery Mode. Choose the “Wipe Cache Partition” option and the system will wipe the Android cache of the entire system.  This process can be long, so be patient.

When trying to access the Recovery Mode, you may get the message” No Command”  and your mobile will be left without doing anything. This is because you have not hit the right buttons. Don’t worry, just repeat the same steps. If you don’t get it the first time, you will when you get the hang of it.

What is app cache

Surely you have heard of the cache, which takes up space on your mobile or in your computer’s browser. Rather, though, the space is taken up by cached data. But if computing is not among your favorite hobbies, you may not know exactly what it is.

If we talk about the linguistic origin of the word, it comes from French and means “hidden”. This term is used in computing to refer to a type of “hidden” memory, where the data that we have already used (searched) before is stored.

When doing a new search, your system goes directly to the cache, making it faster. That is, the application or search engine does not have to go to the source where it got that data. So it works as a kind of buffer.

Sometimes the data it shows is obsolete. This happens with prices on metasearch engines, for example. And although the data that is stored in the cache is temporary, it accumulates and the mobile’s cache runs out of available space.

Why clean the cache on Android from time to time?

As we discussed in the previous block, the purpose of the cache is for applications (and Android devices in general) to run faster.  But sometimes apps keep so many files and data in this memory, that the opposite happens. Everything slows down and you run out of space on your mobile.

When this happens, it is recommended to clear the cache of your Android, deleting all the accumulated temporary files. Don’t worry, you won’t delete anything essential for the operation of your mobile or app. If the app needs a file that you’ve deleted, it will download it again.

In this way, you will free up memory  and your Android will  run more smoothly.  It is possible that, although your mobile works faster, some application is a little slower at first. This is because you will be looking for the data and files that you need. But once it does, the smartphone will generally perform better.

In short, clearing the cache on Android is very useful: it removes temporary files, frees up space and your Android will work better. However, it is recommended to do it from time to time (depending on your particular case), not daily.

What happens if I clear the cache?

Many people still have certain doubts about carrying out this process, but we can guarantee that:

You are not deleting important data or files, just “accumulated garbage”. If the app needs it to work, it will download it again as soon as you open it.

You will not harm the operation of your phone. Unlike! You’re giving him a break. And cleaning from time to time always goes well.

You will not alter the performance of the app you clean. In fact, it is likely to work faster. You will check it mostly with the browser cache, like Chrome or Mozilla.

Mobile cache memory: all your doubts solved

What happens if I delete data from Google Play services?

In the event of errors in Google Play Services and having to clear its cache, this action will have no impact on your account data or data associated with other applications.
Now, Google Play Services cannot be completely uninstalled or deleted. If you do, you’ll need to reinstall them from the Play Store.

Why can’t I clear the app cache?

If you cannot clear the cache data of your mobile, it is very likely that it is due to a mobile error or problem. And it is a very simple procedure that usually always works. In these cases, it is recommended to factory reset the device, i.e. format Android.

Is there an app to clear cache on Android?

Of course yes. In Google Play you will find many free mobile cleaners that erase all the data stored in the mobile cache very effectively. However, they are not necessary since you can do it from your mobile system without installing anything.

What is hidden cache in Android?

The hidden cache is one that is stored in a private directory, that is, in non-default cache directories. Typically, this type of memory is related to third-party apps and some Android extensions.

Conclusion: How to Clear the Cache of Your Android Mobile Step by Step.

Okay now you Know how to how to clear the cache of your android mobile step by step, hope you enjoy this list post of clear the cache of your android mobile step by step for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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