The Best Applications to Hide Private and Secret Photos on Your Mobile {Update 2022}

The best applications to hide private and secret photos on your mobile: Do you want to keep your photos hidden from the eyes of others? What you need are apps to hide photos, and today we bring you the best ones.

Your secrets will be safe with these apps, since they have encryption technology to protect your most valuable photos and videos. For this reason, we have prepared an analysis of the best of 2022.

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Best Apps to Hide and Hide Photos and Videos on Android and iPhone

Apps to save private photos are very useful tools for your privacy. Depending on what you need, you will have to download one or the other. Here we analyze the best:

Photo Vault Calculator to hide photos

Photo Vault Calculator is one of the best-known photo hider apps. Protect your images using AES encryption technology, either with fingerprint unlock or facial recognition. It also allows you to hide videos of any format.

The good thing is that you can take photos and videos from the same application without having to use the native camera. In addition, it has a quick closing option. This way you will prevent someone from seeing what you have in your hands.

Download: Calculator photos Vault From the google Play Store.

Hide it Pro: Hide Photos in a Fake Media Player

Hide it Pro is a photo-hiding app that pretends to be an audio manager. It can be used to turn the volume up or down, but if you hold it down it turns into a secret vault. You will protect your files using the screen lock password, PIN or pattern.

Unlike other apps, it allows you to create backups of your protected photos. Also, it disappears from the list of recent applications to go unnoticed. And it is unlocked by fingerprint or facial recognition.

Download: Hide it pro From the Google Play Store.

Best Secret Folder: A Good App to Hide Photos on iPhone

Best Secret Folder is an app to hide photos, videos and folders. You can lock it with a password, TouchID, FaceID, or a pattern. Believe it or not, the app takes photos of intruders trying to access it and sends them to your email.

You have the option to import all your protected files to your mail. And each photo and video can be encrypted separately for added security.

Download: Best Secret Folder From the Apps Apple.

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1Gallery: Encrypted and Secure Photo Gallery

1Gallery is an app to hide photos and videos on iPhone. You can lock the app using a password, pattern or your fingerprint.

Unlike other applications, this one allows you to see the details of the content. This can be saved on a micro SD card or in the cloud. It also offers the possibility to create a backup of the encrypted photos and transfer it to your computer.

Download: 1Gallery From the Google Play Store.

Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is one of the best apps to hide photos and videos on iOS and Android. It is one of the top-rated photography and security apps on Google Play.

Lock your private gallery photos with PIN code or unlock pattern. This way they will remain hidden from prying eyes. And not only that; you can also hide entire albums with password.

If someone tries to access your secret photos, a photo will automatically be taken with the front camera and sent to your email along with the intruder’s GPS location.

Download: Private Photo Vault From the Google Play Store.

Keepsafe Photo Vault – Hide Photos Safely

With Keepsafe Photo Vault your private photos will be safe. You just have to export the images you want to hide from the gallery to the app. After that, only you (and whoever knows your PIN number) will be able to access them. As simple as that.

You can also take the photos from the same application. These will be hidden and secret until you want, without having to export or anything. It is perfect for your most intimate photos!

You can use it for free, although you have a premium version to store up to 5,000 items in the cloud. Excellent, no doubt.

Download: Keepsafe Photo Vault From the Apps Apple.

KYMS: A Fake Calculator to Hide Photos

Yes, just as you read it. KYMS looks like a calculator app. Without a doubt, the least attractive of all smartphones, don’t you think?

Thanks to this, the images in your gallery will be more protected than ever. But also videos, documents, passwords and any type of multimedia content. All this with high-security systems (AES encryption, used by the military).

The app decrypts codes in real-time. It includes a fun photo editor so you can personalize them to your liking and in private. The videos are decrypted at the same time and parallel to their display (in the background). It supports both common formats such as FLV, WMV or MKV, among others.

Download: KYMS From the Apps Apple.

Photo locker: Discreetly Hide Your Private Photos

If you want to hide gallery photos privately and discreetly on Android, Photo Locker is one of the best apps for it. We could say that it works like a locked cabinet. But instead of a key, you have a four-number password.

The app encrypts the photos using AES code which, as we have already mentioned before, is the one used in the military world. That is, even if your SD card is stolen and the photos are copied, you will not be able to see those marked as hidden.

Although this sounds complicated, its use is very intuitive and simple thanks to its clean interface. It is free, and you can purchase the premium version if you want more options.

Download: Photo locker From the Google Play Store.

Gallery Vault: Hide Photos, Videos and Files on your Mobile

Gallery Vault has a very simple but nice design. It will allow you to encrypt the files you want to increase your security. Also, you have the option to hide your icon to avoid suspicion.

The application allows you to transfer the photos and encrypted files to the SD card so that it does not take up space on the mobile. This feature certainly gives you points of advantage over your competitors. It has no file limit in its free version, which your pocket will appreciate.

Gallery Vault also notifies us by email if someone tries to access our hidden photos on the mobile. And you can generate a fake PIN to show fake photos in case someone demands to see your secret photos. One of the most complete.

Download: Gallery Vault From the Google Play Store.

How to hide files, photos and videos without installing applications

After seeing our selection of the best apps to hide photos, we want to show you something else. If you prefer not to download or install any app, secret gallery or fake calculator, we present you the following tricks.

How to hide photos on Android without apps

Hiding photos on Android without installing third-party apps is very easy. We explain it step by step:

Open File Explorer.

It creates a new folder but, when putting the name, it puts a period in front of it. For example, if it is called “Privadas”, we will write “.Privadas”.

From now on, any photos, videos or files that you move to this folder will not appear in your gallery. And you can access them whenever you want from File Explorer.

How to hide photos on iPhone without apps

For iPhone, the process of hiding or hiding photos and videos is even easier than on Android. To do this, you must do the following:

See Photos.

Select your secret photo or private video.

Click on “Share” at the bottom of the screen.

Then hit “Hide” and confirm.

By doing so, this image is moved to the “Hidden” album and will not appear in your usual photo gallery.

Remember that it is a good thing for your privacy (just like apps to block applications ). This way you will not suffer if you lend your phone to someone to teach them something; your secrets will be safe.

Share with us your experiences with the hidden photos (or the ones that should have been)!

Conclusion: The Best Applications to Hide Private and Secret Photos on Your Mobile

Okay now you know best applications to hide private and secret photos on your mobile apps, hope you enjoy this list post of hide secret photos apps for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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