The Best Applications to Locate Shipments and Track Packages {Update 2022}

The best applications to locate shipments and track packages: If you make frequent purchases online, a Shipment locator will allow you to easily track and trace your packages.

As there are a large number of apps to track shipments, we have taken it upon ourselves to analyze the best applications for 2022.

Find out which one is the best for you!

The Best Applications to Locate Shipments and Track Packages

Of all the package and shipment tracking apps that exist on Google Play and the App Store, we have selected the ones that seem most complete to us.


17Track is considered one of the best apps to track packages. Unlike others, you can track international shipping from different agencies. It tracks up to 700 carriers and is specialized in Chinese shipping agencies (China EMS, China Post, etc).

The application allows you to track multiple shipments and receive notifications about their status. You can also scan barcodes or QR to receive extra information. On the other hand, the app details the cost in various currencies and the duration of the shipment.

Download: 17TRACK From the Google Play Store.

TrackChecker Mobile

TrackChecker Mobile is one of the best apps to track your packages. It will help you with the shipment tracking of more than 600 services worldwide. There are no limits on package tracking.

You will receive automatic updates on the status of all your shipments and will generate a barcode for each one. This will serve as a tracking number at the post office, where you can track it more accurately with GPS.

The app also allows you to calculate the cost, weight and duration.

Download: TrackCher Mobile From the Google Play Store.

Aftership: Package Finder and Online Shopping

Aftership is a very versatile package tracking app. With it you can track shipments by different agencies, such as USPS, FedEx, Post and DHL, among others. It also works with shipments made by digital stores, such as Amazon Shopping.

It will allow you to locate packages by means of the barcode, the shipping label or the tracking number. Shipments from digital purchases (such as Amazon or eBay) have special priority in tracking and can be tracked by GPS.

The app also creates notifications about the updated status of the package.

Download: Aftership From the Google Play Store.


Parcel is a multifunctional shipment locator. It will allow you to follow more than 300 parcel agencies. Also locate your shipment exactly on the map using GPS and receive notifications about status changes.

You do not need to use a barcode or tracking number. The app automatically locates the package. In addition, it offers you data on the duration of the shipment, the place of destination and possible expenses for import or export.

Download: Parcel From the Google Play Store.

Amazon: locate your orders from the application

Amazon purchases in the best app to track packages purchased on Amazon. With it you will know the status of your package, the duration and the costs, both of the shipment and of the import or export tariffs.

Its interface offers information on the duration and the place of destination.

It also provides you with the shipping code for tracking in other apps or at the post office. You can change the destination location or request custom shipping, although this option is only available in some countries.

Download: Amazon From the Google Play Store.

Parcels: tracking packages from Amazon, AliExpress, Joom and more

Parcels is one of the most useful tracking apps. You can use it to track packages purchased from different online stores, such as Amazon or AliExpress. You can also track the shipment of any postal service, such as those of the United States or China.

You don’t need to register to use the app and you can track an unlimited number of packages. Parcels sends constant notifications about the status of the package and its exact location. It also provides the cost in various currencies, duration and destination of the shipment.

Download: Parcels From the Google Play Store.

Deliveries Package Tracker

Deliveries Package Tracker is an all-in-one package tracking app. For tracking, you have to enter the tracking number. The app will then show the status of the shipment, the expected arrival and the destination of the package.

In addition, it works with multiple providers, such as Amazon or DHL Express International. You also have the option of advanced package tracking, using the GPS tracking option. This locates the shipment on the map of Google Maps.

Download: Deliveries Package Tracker From the Google Play Store.


His name is a declaration of intent. And it is that Track24 is an application with which to follow in detail any order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of the country of origin.

The app is connected with more than 500 postal companies from different countries of the world. By entering the “tracking number” you will have all the information regarding your package.

And to have a clearer view of the shipments, they are classified by colors according to the days remaining.

Track24 is completely free, having access to all its features without restrictions.

Use the package tracking applications of each delivery company

If you shop online frequently, these apps to track packages will come in handy:

Download: Track24 From the Google Play Store.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile is a very popular shipment locator. Use it to find and track your shipment’s route. It will also allow you to update the destination of the package or change the arrival date. If you want to be aware of it, it has notifications.

With the application you will be able to know the dimensions of your package thanks to the built-in camera tool. It will also provide you with an estimate of the costs and duration of the shipment. The app works in Spain and Latin America.

Download: UPS Mobile From the Google Play Store.

FedEx Mobile

FedEx Mobile is a very useful package tracking app. It allows you to track national or international outgoing or incoming packages, or order a collection. It also helps you estimate the costs and duration of the shipment, in addition to scanning the barcodes that facilitate tracking.

It has extra features in some regions, such as holding the package at a specific FedEx facility. You can use it to leave instructions with the courier and forward the package to a preferred FedEx facility.

Download: FedEx Mobile From the Google Play Store.

DHL Express Mobile

DHL Express Mobile is one of the most used package tracking apps. With it you will track the outgoing or incoming packages of this company. It will also help you estimate shipping costs and duration.

You will then be able to determine the closest DHL Express service point to your location. On the other hand, it offers advanced GPS tracking and camera barcode scanning. And it has notifications.

Download: DHL Express Mobile From the Google Play Store.


My GLS is the best tracking application for packages managed by this company. It will help you estimate the arrival time, as well as manage your shipments and give instructions to the staff. So the service will adapt to your needs.

Through the app you can locate and select the nearest agency. And you can contract directly from the application and receive notifications with the status of the package. Also know the time and cost.

Download: My GLS From the Google Play Store.

Correos: official shipment locator

Correos is a locator for postal items that is widely used in Spain. With its app you can locate the exact location of your shipment, thanks to the GPS tracking function. You will also receive notifications about its status.

The app has information about the offices, mailbox or citypaq closest to your location. It will allow you to manage your shipment and receive information about the duration and place of delivery. You can even change the destination site, hold the shipment or leave detailed instructions for its handling.

Download: Correos From the Google Play Store. post 15 image 12

Using a shipment locator can be a helpful option for some people, especially if you often ship to or receive shipments from multiple shipping agencies. However, everything will depend on your needs.

It will also be very practical if you own a store and have an agreement with a specific shipping company. By tracking your packages, you will ensure the integrity of your purchase and you will have a shipping number to make claims (if necessary).

But it will not be useful when you buy from stores like Amazon, for example, that have integrated tracking. Nor if you have little space on your mobile.

What to consider when choosing a good shipment locator

Before downloading a shipment locator, consider the following:

The information used for tracking and how to add it: The best apps for tracking packages should have the option to enter a tracking number. The easier it is and the more options you give, the better. For example, with a barcode scanner or via email.

Synchronization: If you have several devices, you will need apps that can be easily synchronized. This way you can have all the data of your shipments on your work tablet and on your personal mobile.

User-friendly Design: Interface is always an important feature of any app. Some are very complicated to use, making packet tracking difficult. Instead, apps that provide information quickly are the best option.

Tracking notifications: if you want to be aware of your package at all times, activate notifications. The best apps let you customize them.

Privacy and security policies: Some applications may collect private information from your email and use it for advertising purposes. If you don’t want this to happen, read the terms and conditions first.

App cost – Many of these package tracking apps are cheap, but not worth it when they cost more than $10 per year.

And so far the best apps for tracking packages and national and international shipments. Have you used any of them? Do you recommend another one?

Conclusion: The Best Applications to Locate Shipments and Track Packages

Okay, now you know the best applications to locate shipments and track packages apps, hope you enjoy this list post of shipments and track packages apps for android and ios, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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