The Best Applications to Make Photo Montages on Android and iOS {Update 2022}

The best applications to make photo montages on Android and iOS: Although it seems easy to make a photo montage with your mobile, it may not be if you do not have the best apps to make photo montages. Whether you have Android or iOS, we bring you the best tools of this type.

Both in the App Store and in Google Play there are many applications to make photo montages, very diverse and with many functions. For you to choose the best one for you, we have tested and selected the best of 2022.

Find out which one is the most suitable for you!

The best applications to make free photomontages

Now you can surprise your WhatsApp groups and upload the best posts to Instagram thanks to these free applications to make montages :


Picsart is one of the best-known Android photo editing apps today. It is used to montage photos thanks to its most popular filters and effects. You can also remove and/or replace the background and add a professional blur, as well as original stickers.

It has photo cropping and flipping tools. And you can also use it to montage your selfies, change your hair color, enhance contrast and remove unwanted objects from the image.

Download: PicsArt From the Google Play Store.


Moldiv is a photo montage app with multiple useful options. You can do them in real-time, applying one of the 194 filters and 13 themes available. And it also has text tools.

Unlike other apps, it offers professional options like analog photo effects and a silent shutter. You can also control the white balance and the intensity of the flash to improve montages. On the other hand, it also has digital zoom and mirror mode for selfies.

Download: Moldiv From the Google Play Store.

Layout para Instagram

Layout is a very useful Instagram app. It is used to make photomontages with your photos published on Instagram and those taken with the camera. The Photo Booth tool allows you to make an impromptu montage and publish it on the said social network.

As an app to make photo montages, it also has tools to crop, rotate, replace or apply a mirror effect. It also includes a large number of filters and effects. And these effects can be combined with Instagram filters to create original results.

Download: Layout para Instagram From the apps apple.

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Unfold is an app for Instagram stories. Its Ripped Paper and Film Frames tools will help you create a story with one of 250 templates. And you can add text using the advanced tool and its different fonts.

In addition to making montages from photos saved in the gallery, you can also do it with photos taken in real-time and add filters to them. All templates and fonts are in high definition and can be published on any social network.

Download: Unfold From the Google Play Store.


PicShot is an all-in-one free photo montage app. You can use its filters and effects on the photos saved on your mobile and on the ones you take at that moment.

Unlike other apps, this one has templates in the shape of angels, hearts, stars, and flowers. This way you will create an original montage, thanks also to its stickers and emojis. If you want to have professional results, apply the dripping effect to your images.

Download: PicShot From the Google Play Store.


Pixlr is an app to make photo montages with multiple effects. With it you can add different designs, spacing and backgrounds. Also decorate your montages with the double-layer effect and styles of pencil drawing, and ink sketch, among many more.

You will be able to edit your selfies in real-time, eliminate defects, unwanted objects and red eyes. Also, the app allows you to change the tone of the colors, the contrast, and the colour of your skin and your hair. And thanks to its realistic shadow effects, the result will be much more professional.

Download: Pixlr From the Google Play Store.


Toolwiz is one of the all-in-one photo stitching apps. It has more than 200 tools to make photo montages and dozens of filters (which can be quick or tone filters). It is used to rotate, cut, mix, reshape, expand, resize and resize montages.

Modify the tone of your photomontages by adjusting the levels, the RGB curve, the contrast, the white balance or the night lighting. In case you need more detailed finishes, it offers multiple art, decorative, HDR and blur effects.

Download: Toolwiz From the Google Play Store.


Pixiz is an app to crop photos and make montages, thanks to its many available templates (such as astronaut or movie star). Its interface is easy to use, so you’ll create photomontages quickly and easily.

It includes 1,000 effects, 100 filters, and multiple layouts. In addition, you can also use them to create personalized montages for any occasion, such as Christmas, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or a wedding.

Download: Pixiz From the Google Play Store.

photo collage

Photo Collage is an application to make amazing photo montages. And it is that it allows you to add filters, effects, texts, drawings and stickers. In case you need help, Photo Collage offers pre-made templates for any occasion.

Also, you can flip, zoom in, zoom out, rotate and change the aspect ratio of your photomontages. On the other hand, it includes different background effects, 1,000 design options and a tool to remove any object from the photo. For an original result, use the freestyle and text tools.

Download: Photo Collage From the Google Play Store.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is an app to make photo montages of images and selfies. With it you will create personalized assemblies or from one of its pre-designed templates (for any occasion).

Use background designs, stickers, stickers, text and custom frames for Facebook and Instagram. With the app you can turn your photomontages into birthday cards and even Instagram stories. And all your creations can be printed.

Download: Pic Collage From the Google Play Store.


Photolab is an application to make photomontages with more than 1,000 options. It offers you various templates with which to make montages with an old theme or for a special occasion (Christmas, for example). You can also add frames, fantastic landscapes or animated characters.

It has multiple tools to make montages of your face, being able to change it for a clown or animal. If you are looking for more original results, you can use color and image filters, background effects, and stickers.

Download: Photolab From the Google Play Store.


PhotoFunia is one of the best-known applications to make photomontages. It has a professional effect to make montages, from the most exotic to museum portraits.

With it you will be able to age the photos, add and modify shadows, adjust the white and black balances, as well as add beauty filters. All montages are made from your cloud service, thus requiring a stable Internet connection.

PhotoFunia allows you to publish montages on any social network.

Download: PhotoFunia From the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: The Best Applications to Make Photo Montages on Android and iOS

Okay now you know the best applications to make photo montage apps hope you enjoy this list post of photo montage apps for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update sure.

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