The Best Apps to Edit Photos on Android for Free {Update 2022}

The best apps to edit photos on Android for free: Do you want to make the best photo editions from your mobile? Look no further: here you will find the best applications to edit photos on Android.

Since Google Play has many options, we have taken it upon ourselves to analyze the best image editors of 2022.

Stay and find out which one is the best for you!

The Best Apps to Edit Photos For Free With Your Mobile

Don’t waste time searching. We have made it very easy for you with our selection of the best free photo editors:

Pixlr: One of the Best Photo Editors For Android

Pixlr is one of the best-known Android photo editing apps. You can use it to correct colors manually or automatically. The app has multiple effects, such as focal blur.

You can also use its filters, such as pencil, poster, or ink sketch. For a more professional finish, use overlays, tone boosting, ultra-realistic shadows, or custom borders. And another positive point is that it allows you to reduce the size of the photos without losing quality.

Download: Pixlr From the Google Play Store.

PicsArt: the most complete photo editor for Android

PicsArt is a feature-rich photo editing app. It has a tool to remove or replace backgrounds and another to remove specific objects from your photos. You can also flip, crop, add or create stickers.

Includes various effects and filters, including Sketch, VHS, Y2K, and Canvas, plus over 200 design fonts. You can edit your selfies by adding filters, adding stickers or changing the hair color. You can also use this app to edit videos and create collages.

Download: PicsArt From the Google Play Store.

Cymera: Perfect app For Editing Selfies

Cymera is an app to edit photos and selfies with multiple tools. The “Beauty and Body camera” function helps you edit in real time to show off a slimmer face. You will also be able to eliminate red eyes and export the results in high quality.

The “Live Filter + Quick Capture” tool allows you to add filters in real time, such as Old-time, Vintage and Natural. Being one of the best selfie apps, you will be able to beautify your photos with the features of brightness, contrast, rotate, crop and skin correction.

Download: Cymera From the Google Play Store.

SnapSeed – Pro Photo Editor

SnapSeed is one of the most professional photo editors on the market. It helps you to edit RAM DNG files and export them in JPG format or save them safely. It also allows you to adjust the color automatically or manually, as well as change the exposure or apply professional effects, such as HDR Landscape.

Being a professional photography app, you have the option to crop photos to custom or standard sizes. You will be able to turn the image 90°, adjust a tilted horizon and change the perspective, correcting tilted lines.

Download: SnapSeed From the Google Play Store.

BeFunky Photo Editor – Best Photo Effects

BeFunky Photo is an image editor with professional effects. It includes more than 32 types of effects, such as Viewfinder, Vintage, Grunge, Gritty HDR, Toy Camera, among others. And it has tools to straighten, rotate, sharpen, crop, add vignettes, beautify and fill with light.

Being one of the most complete photo decorating apps, it includes frames with negative, classic strip effects and much more. It also allows you to change the exposure, hue and saturation of colors.

And you will be able to undo all the editions and remove the effects of the photos, without losing quality.

Download: BeFunky Photo Editor From the Google Play Store.

Inshot photo editor: Perfect for Collages

This is one of the most complete apps to edit photos and create collages. You can use it to add filters, effects, and stickers to your photos. Also to apply blur and get DSLR effect, adjust hue, brightness, saturation and color temperature.

It will help you crop and rotate vertically or horizontally, as well as add text with different fonts. It is also one of the best photo montage apps. Therefore, it includes a function to make collages through more than 100 backgrounds and designs.

Download: Inshot photo editor From the Google Play Store.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is one of the best apps to edit photos professionally. You’ll be able to remove noise, smooth grain, sharpen specific elements, and blend backgrounds. And if you need to add text, you’ll find plenty of fonts, colors, and opacity control.

It also gives you the option to crop, rotate, straighten, add frames and effects or filters. With it you don’t need to know how to remove red eyes in photos, because its quick editing tool includes that function.

Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to customize the format and quality of the export.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Express From the Google Play Store.

Camera 360: The Best Filters For Instagram

Camera 360 is one of the best apps to edit photos using filters. One of its tools adds real-time filters and beauty effects to selfies. On the other hand, you can beautify your photos using whitening, skin smoothing, brightening and acne removal.

Como editor de fotos, permite cambiar la nitidez, la temperatura, la exposición, el contraste y las sombras. También rotar las fotos, recortar, corregir la inclinación, agregar marcos y sombras realistas. Y cuenta con más de 100 stickers inteligentes y emojis.

Download: Camera 360 From the Google PLay Store.

Canva: Edit, Retouch and Modify Your Photos

Canva is one of the most popular photo editors today. With it you can create personalized editions or use any of its 60,000 templates. If you want to add text, choose from over 500 font types, change its size, color, position or spacing.

In addition to filters and effects, it allows you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation and add stickers. Canva includes tools to edit photos and create collages, flayers, and banners. It will also help you create Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails and Facebook covers.

Download: Canva From the Google Play Store.

Unfold: The Best Editor For Your Stories

Unfold is one of the best-known apps for editing photos and creating stories. Use one of its more than 250 templates to create stories and add texts with different fonts. Or add stickers, effects and filters compatible with all social networks.

It works as an app for Instagram stories, being able to export the stories in high resolution or share them directly. The Premium version gives you access to all exclusive templates, fonts, and template designs.

Download: Unfold From the Google Play Store.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile: Edit Photos Professionally For Free

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is one of the most complete photo editing apps. You can use it to make quick edits with the presets or create your own. You will find in it tools for editing, perfection, retouching and grading colors.

Also options to increase clarity, enhance texture and remove haze from photos. Or to adjust the curve of brightness and contrast, in addition to adding filters and impressive effects. Unlike other apps, it has interactive tutorials to learn how to edit. post 14 Image 10: photo retouching and editing made easy

Airbrush is the best app to edit photos easily and quickly. With a single touch you can remove the imperfections of your photos (such as spots and pimples), in addition to whitening the teeth. It also includes a tool to polish, whiten and perfect the skin of the photos.

Likewise, you can use it to remove red eye, correct lighting, retouch depth and remove unwanted objects. To retouch your selfies, it offers tools to slim or enlarge any part of your body, as well as filters and size adjustments.

Download: Adobe Lightroom Mobile From the Google Play Store.

LightX – Free Mobile Photo Editor for Android

LightX is an app to blur the background and edit images for free. It helps you to eliminate, extract and change the background, in addition to applying color and light effects with the “color splash” tool. It also includes a curve to adjust hue and balance colors.

Being an editor, you will be able to crop, rotate, apply filters, add sharpness and remove pimples on your selfies. It also includes tools to change hair color, whiten teeth, and change the shape of your body and face.

Download: LightX From the Google Play Store.

Photolab: Simple, Fast and Fun

Photolab is a very easy to use funny photo editor. You can use its more than 900 types of frames or its fun effects. It also has some to make photomontages (like turning photos into a portrait, for example).

It has integrated the option to publish your editions on social networks. And if you don’t have much creativity, Photolab offers you smart filters to automatically edit your photos. And you can even use it to create collages.

We hope you will enjoy these photo editing apps to the fullest. At webinfozones we always make the best selections for you so you don’t have to do intensive searches that will make you lose hours.

Download: Photolab From the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: The Best Apps to Edit Photos on Android for Free

Okay now you know best apps to edit photos on android for free apps, hope you enjoy this list post of edit photos apps for android and iOS, If you know some more please let me know via comments, I will update for sure.

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