The Best Apps to Watch Movies From Your Android Mobile {Update 2022}

The best apps to watch movies from your Android mobile: With the rise of streaming platforms, we can now watch content on-demand anywhere and anytime. And the cinema is no exception.

If we add to this the advances in smartphones (including a higher resolution and size of their screens), applications to watch movies for free have become essential. Now, which are the most recommended?

Today, at webinfozones, we have prepared an extensive selection of The Best Apps to Watch Movies From Your Android Mobile. An updated guide with all the free and paid alternatives to enjoy the best seventh art directly from your mobile.

For this, our team has been in charge of bringing you only applications to watch movies that are 100% legal and with the best ratings by users.

Do you want to meet them? Keep reading and discover with which apps you can watch your favorite movies.

Best Apps to Watch Movies From Your Android Mobile

First of all, we start with a selection of applications to watch movies on Android for free. If you want to avoid paying a subscription, there are many completely legal options to enjoy movies at zero cost. You will be able to watch local and international movies and even access foreign catalogs (through a VPN). We show them below:


We start this selection with AndStream, an app to watch movies on your mobile completely free of charge. The platform integrates numerous video hosting pages in its interface where you can view or download its content. Without going any further, you will find platforms such as AllMyVideos, IShared, NovaMov, Streamcloud, or YouTube streaming, among others.

One of its strong points is that you will enjoy the best cinema without advertising, since you will be able to open the files in any player installed on your mobile, such as MX Player or VLC. And Flash is not essential.

Download: AndStream From the Google Play Store.

TV tubes

Without a doubt, Tubes TV is one of the best apps to watch free movies without registering. You will access its entire catalog without using a credit card or paying for a monthly or annual subscription. All its content is in high definition and, although it contains commercials, they are not as frequent as on cable TV.

On Tubes TV you will enjoy the latest releases and masterpieces such as The Pianist, The Terminator or Glengarry Glen Ross. You will also find Korean dramas and the best anime series. And as if that weren’t enough, its catalog is updated every Friday with new free titles. Little more can you ask for.

Download: TV tubes From the Google Play Store.


If you like independent cinema, Popcornflix is ​​the option you were looking for. It is a completely free app that offers unlimited hundreds of movies on your Android phone. You will find different categories: romance, family, children, action, drama, horror, thriller, comedy, documentaries, Bollywood… and much more!

Most of the content is only available in the original version and has a special section in Spanish. From its search engine you will find movies by their title, genre or author, and you will be able to check their synopsis before playing them. As you can see, a very complete option. Grab the popcorn!

Download: Pocornflix From the Google Play Store.


One of the applications similar to Mobdro is Kodi, an excellent alternative to watch free movies from your mobile. The application itself does not provide the content, but the user must add their own multimedia offer through third-party add-ons and plugins. In other words, it is open source software that manages multimedia content.

But how does it work? Is it necessary to download something else? How do I install it on my phone? Is it legit? For this and other doubts, consult the article “ Kodi: The complete guide ”.

Download: Code From the Google Play Store.


Do you want to watch Hollywood blockbusters for free and without registration? This and much more is what Crackle offers you, one of the most interesting apps to watch movies on this list. Its catalog is mainly made up of titles from the Sony Pictures film group, including Paramount Pictures, Magnolia Pictures and Lionsgate.

The app is supported by advertising, so ads of up to 1 minute will appear while you watch the movie. Its maximum playback quality is Full HD (1080p) and most of its content is in the original version. In addition to movies, you will also have anime, series, TV shows, and even self-produced material. An essential application for audiovisual lovers.

Download: Crackle From the Google Play Store.


The popular app to watch videos Dailymotion is another of the free alternatives to watch movies on Android. Its interface contains an extensive catalog of videos on different topics, including some of the best works of the seventh art totally free. You may not find the most commercial films, but it is an excellent independent film site, from other decades or from Bollywood.

Dailymotion includes a library where you can save your favorite videos to watch later, either online or offline. And if you wish, it is also possible to transmit the content by Chromecast to a larger screen. We love Dailymotion. Do you dare to download it?

Download: Dailymotion From the Google Play Store.

PelisPlus Chromecast

PelisPlus is a very interesting app to watch movies. With it you can watch action movies, science fiction, drama, comedy, humor, cartoons or any other genre without paying a single penny. All titles can be viewed in HD and full screen using Chromecast.

The catalog is divided by genre and has a special section for premieres. Each film contains an information sheet with the synopsis and other information such as the release date, the duration, the country of origin, who directs it, who are its protagonists or user ratings. On the other hand, you can create your favorites lists. Being a 100% free option, little more can be asked for.

Download: PelisPlus Chromecast From the Apkpure Store.


DixMax is one of the best applications to watch free premieres on Android. Although its website and the iPhone app have closed, the Android and Windows applications are still operational. Its operation is very simple: you enter, choose a movie from the catalog and hit play. It has filters for quality, language, series or movies, score, date and even broadcast to Chromecast.

To use it, you can create an account or go into guest mode. With the first option you will be able to make your list of pending movies or know the minute in which you have stayed. As for advertising, you will find some banners and an advertisement before each reproduction. After that there will be nothing more. Without a doubt, a free online streaming platform to take into account.

Download: DixMax From the aplkals.

Pluto TV

If you don’t mind ads, Pluto TV is an app to watch free movies with an intuitive and content-rich streaming service. Its catalog has some of the most outstanding blockbusters of recent years. You will find a total of 300 horror, suspense, comedy, drama or science fiction titles, among other genres.

Requires an Internet connection. This means that you will only be able to play online and you will not have the option to download. For everything else, we believe that it is a very complete alternative and with many options to enjoy good entertainment.

Download: Pluto TV From the Google Play Store.

Samsung TV Plus

Are you a Samsung mobile user? In this case, Samsung TV is an app to watch live TV where you’ll also find a wide variety of movies of all genres. The entire catalog is completely free and contains more than 50 thematic channels so you can watch movies whenever you feel like it.

The app comes pre -installed on South Korean brand mobiles and its content may vary depending on the region or country. To use Samsung TV Plus it is not necessary to register or enter your credit card, you will access directly from your device. And obviously it is compatible with Chromecast.

Download: Samsung TV Plus From the Google Play Store.

Much Ado

If you are looking for an app to watch free movies in Spanish, VIX comes from Latin America with more than 2,000 titles, both original and dubbed into Spanish. Its catalog is mainly focused on local productions, but you will also find international hits such as The Reader, El Inocente or Transporter 3.

The service is 100% free and legal and without having to create a user account. Its interface is very intuitive, so you’ll find everything ordered by television channels, series or movies. On the other hand, VIX is compatible with Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV. In short, a very interesting option for Spanish speakers.

Download: Much Ado From the Google Play Store.


Plex is one of the latest platforms to join the streaming craze. Until relatively recently, its service only functioned as a personal library (with content uploaded by the user), but now it also has its own catalogue. On Plex you will find a total of almost 5,000 completely free movie titles, from classics of the 30s and 40s to movies of the last decade.

On the other hand, you can play the content online or download it to watch later offline whenever and wherever you want. Of course, keep in mind that a large part of the catalog is only available in English. Although it should not be a problem if you prefer the original version.

Download: Plex From the Google Play Store.


RTVE Play (previously known as RTVE a la carta) is another of the best apps to watch free movies on your mobile. The service has a very wide range of original and international content, both live and on demand. You will be able to see all the films broadcast on Spanish public television.

From its totally renewed interface you will find all the available titles in a matter of seconds, as well as its file. Then you can create favorite lists, enjoy movies offline, send the signal to a TV and resume playback from where you last left off. And it is completely free.

Download: RTVE Play From the Google Play Store.


Are you looking for hidden gems of cinema but don’t want to pay for it? In Filmzie you will not only find them for free, but you will also enjoy them in HD from your Android phone. Its catalog is made up of 500 indie films from all eras, ideal for those who avoid the most commercial cinema.

Most of its content can only be seen in the original version, although it has subtitles. Filmzie works without subscription and, although it still has a short history, it is expected to grow little by little. In fact, new movies are added every week. Download it and stay tuned for its news.

Download: Movies From the Google Play Store.

The best paid applications to watch movies with your mobile in 2022

So far we have talked about 100% free alternatives. However, if you are willing to pay a small subscription, there are many streaming services and paid movie apps with much more extensive content. This way you will be up to date with all the premieres and remember the best movie classics. Here comes our listing:


Of course, Netflix is ​​one of the best apps to watch movies. And it is that the American streaming platform has established itself in recent years as one of the references in the audiovisual market. Their service works with a monthly paid subscription (the company has eliminated the trial period). With it you can access everything you want from the menu, as many times as you want and whenever you want.

On Netflix you will find a wide variety of films of all genres, blockbusters, Oscar-winning films, many Spanish productions, as well as own and exclusive titles. The catalog is updated daily. Everything is in HD , in addition to being one of the apps to watch series par excellence.

Download: Netflix From the Google Play store.

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is a platform where you can collect your favorite movies in a single service. The app allows you to add titles from other catalogs to create your own playlists. The tool is compatible with Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, Vudu, Microsoft Movies, Xfinity, Verizon, and DirectTV.

To add movies to the app, you must create an account. Registration is free and without subscription. You will simply pay for the service you have contracted (Prime Video, Apple TV, etc.) and then you can add as many titles as you want. You will enjoy those of Disney, Marvel, Pixar, among others. Interesting, right? Enter and create your own library.

Download: Movies Anywhere From the Google Play Store.

Rakuten TV

One of the platforms that has been stepping stronger in recent years is Rakuten TV. Although it is still far from Netflix, HBO or Disney+, it is currently one of the streaming companies with the most users in Spain and Europe. Its model is based on content on demand with two formats: AVOD (with ads and free) and TVOD (with better image quality and paid).

Its catalog contains around 3,000 titles . In its free version you will find independent films and Hollywood classics, among others. And with its paid version you will be able to watch movies without an Internet connection and you will have access to exclusive premieres. Best of all, it’s compatible with Chromecast so you can see everything on the big screen.

Download: Rakuten TV From the Google Play Store.


In case you didn’t know, YouTube is also a great app for watching movies . And it is that among the millions and millions of videos that it hosts, there are authentic relics of the seventh art. You will find a wide variety of channels with movies without copyright 100% free.

But this is not the only option to watch movies on YouTube . You also have the YouTube Movies service , where you can rent and buy thousands of titles. Likewise, the American company offers you its paid Premium version to remove the ads from the movies and be able to watch them offline. In short, a very complete option.

Download: YouTube From the Google Play Store.


The application to watch VUDU movies is one of the best valued by moviegoers and moviegoers. Their service is paid, but not by subscription. You can buy the movies individually , that is, you only pay for what you see.

You will always find an interesting movie, as its library contains more than 100,000 titles . For example, you will find hits like World War Z, Black Swan or the Descendants, among many others. Also, once you purchase the movie, you can watch it offline or resume it from another device. Highly recommended!

Download: VUDU HDX Movies From the Googele Play Store.


If a platform has grown exponentially in recent years, that is none other than Disney +. In it you will find content for the little ones, but also for the not so little ones. The company has exclusive rights to a wide variety of titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. In addition to the classic films (Toy Story, Cinderella, The Lion King…), you will have access to original content and the latest premieres.

For this and much more, we believe that Disney+ is one of the best apps to watch movies from your Android. Its main features include unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices, watching the same movie on 4 screens at the same time or enjoying titles in 4K. Their service is paid and there is no free trial period. Your house will become a real movie theater.

Download: Disney+ From the Google Play Store.

Eros Now

Now it is the turn of this application to watch movies from India, known as Eros Now. Its content is mainly available in the original version, although there are also titles in English. On Eros Now you will find up to 13,000 Indian and Bollywood movies, as well as music videos, original shows, TV series and much more.

By downloading the app you will have access to a large amount of free content, although to enjoy all its features (HD viewing, offline download, full access to movies, etc.) you must subscribe to the Premium version. Of course, you will not find subtitles in Spanish (you will in Arabic and English). One of the essentials for any fan of Bollywood movies.

Download: Eros Now From the apkpure Store.


Dramas, Films & More

If you like oriental cinema and entertainment, WeTV is an application to watch Asian movies translated into English. Its catalog is full of popular movies, various programs, different novels and dramas, among other content.

One of the most interesting features of WeTV is the ability to choose the video quality. That is, you can change it depending on whether you are with mobile data or WiFi. Its interface has several screen controls to facilitate navigation. And in addition to English, its content is available in Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai or Vietnamese. The app is paid and has monthly, quarterly or annual subscription options.

Download: WeTv From the Google Play Store.


Crunchyroll is one of the leading portals for anime content. Currently, the app only has 3 movies in its catalogue: Gundam Wing: The Movie – Endless Waltz, Garakowa: Restore the World and Mizu no Kotoba. However, we recommend the app to watch series. Its catalog has more than 25,000 chapters, with exclusive premieres just 1 hour after its broadcast on Japanese television. You will find episodes in English, original version and dubbed into Spanish.

The application has a lot of free content, while its Premium version allows viewing chapters offline, playback on 4 devices at the same time and a completely ad-free interface. If you want, you can try the plan for 14 days beforehand for free and without obligation. To see more movies of the genre, we recommend you visit our app post to watch anime.

Download: Crunchyroll From the Google Play Store.


Another application to watch Bollywood movies on your mobile is ZEE5. Its platform has a catalog of almost 3,000 blockbusters, as well as series and television programs, web series or music videos. The content is available in 12 different languages, although there are not too many titles in English or Spanish.

Its free plan includes 1,500 movies, making it a great option for watching Indian and Asian movies in original version. On the other hand, if you subscribe to their Premium plan, you will remove the ads, you will be able to download the offline content and you will get 90 live TV channels.

Download: SEA5 From the Google Play Store.


Showmax is one of the most complete apps to watch movies online on this list. Its catalog offers you cinema from all over the world, with special emphasis on African cinema. The service works with a monthly subscription. This offers you features such as downloading content to watch it offline, parental control or viewing on 5 different devices.

You can download up to 25 programs or movies at the same time and at all times you will enjoy playback without ads or interruptions. Showmax is originally from South Africa and is available in different European countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Andorra, the United Kingdom or Italy.

Download: Showmax From the Google Play Store.


Mitele is the official app of the Mediaset television group. In it you can see all the movies broadcast on its TV channels, such as Telecinco or Cuatro. Registration on Mitele is free, although if you want to access exclusive releases you will need to sign up for the Mitele PLUS plan.

One of its strengths is that most of its content is self-produced, so you’ll have access to the best Spanish cinema. The playback is in high definition and you can change the language and add subtitles. In short, pure and simple entertainment.

Download: Mitele From the Google Play Store.


Atresplayer is the direct competitor of Mediaset. If you are wondering how to watch Antena 3 directly from your mobile, Atresplayer is a player that allows you to watch live all the channels of the Atresmedia group, such as Antena 3, la Sexta, Nova, Neox or Mega. But this is not all. You can also watch a multitude of movies for free thanks to its content on demand service.

Registration is free and the app has a Premium plan full of advantages for the user: exclusive releases, more content, movie downloads, playback in 4K and on 2 devices at the same time, no advertising, no limit on registered devices… Everything this without commitment of permanence and with an incredibly intuitive service. And you, have you already tried it on your Android?

Download: Atresplayer From the Google Play Store.

Prime Video

Amazon is one of the companies that has made a strong commitment to the seventh art. And it has done so with its Prime Video platform, which contains one of the most complete catalogs of movies in the streaming service market.

Without going any further, you will find classics such as The Godfather trilogy or Oscar-winning films such as The Pianist or The Revenant, among many others.

Its service, available in more than 200 countries, also contains a wide catalog of television series and documentaries to watch online or offline after downloading.

Its content is paid, although if you already have the Amazon Prime service, you will have access to it for a year for only 36 euros (or what is the same, 3 euros per month ). A bargain, right?

Download: From the Google Play Store.

Google TV

(Formerly Google Play Movies)

Google Play Movies has been completely redesigned and is now Google TV, an application with a vast collection of movies for rent and purchase. All purchased content is stored in your library, from where you can download it for later viewing without an Internet connection.

Among its main features, the app is compatible with Chromecast and allows you to resume playback from where you left off the last time. On the other hand, now you can also check which streaming service to watch your favorite movies on (so that the main platforms are integrated into a single app). Without a doubt, very renewed.

Download: Google TV From the Google Play Store.


HBO Max is the newest movie app in this selection. And it is that this new service picks up the witness of the old HBO app. And it does so with many novelties and a catalog of films more extensive than ever. You will find a wide selection of titles, including all the productions from DC, Warner Bros Pictures or Max Originals`.

One of the most outstanding novelties is the incorporation of 4K content and the possibility of playing on up to 3 devices at the same time. In addition, you can download the content to watch it offline and register as many devices as you want. The app offers a free trial period of 7 days. After that time, you will have the option to subscribe to a monthly or annual plan.

Download: HBO Max From the Google Play Store.

Of the Movie

If you are a lover of independent films and classic cinema, Filmin is the ideal option to watch movies on your mobile. Your subscription will give you access to a total of 10,000 titles, almost all of them available both in the original version with subtitles and dubbed into Spanish.

In Filmin you will have the option to create your own playlists of favorites and pending movies, so you will have everything perfectly organized. Browsing through its interface is very intuitive and you can enjoy it on a big screen through Chromecast or Android TV. The platform does not have a trial period, although its price is very competitive.

Apple TV

Apple is another of the leading players in the fight to position itself as the leading streaming platform in the market. To do this, Apple TV includes an incredibly extensive catalog, with its own productions and a larger collection of 4K HDR movies than any other platform.

Without going any further, it is one of the few places where you can see the entire James Bond saga.

Their service works through a monthly or yearly subscription, including a 7-day free trial period and the purchase or rental of movies. The content is played both online and offline and there are no ads of any kind. Without a doubt, one of the best applications to watch movies on Android.

Download: Apple TV From the Google Play Store.

Movistar + Lite

Until relatively recently, the only way to access Movistar content was by being a client of the operator. But now (in an attempt to break into the streaming market), the company has launched Movistar+ Lite, an independent video-on-demand service at a very competitive price.

Its catalog has more than 270 films in original and Spanish version. Then you can expand your cinephile offer with generic TV channels and other thematic channels (AMC, TCM and Canal Hollywood). Movistar+ Lite allows simultaneous playback on 2 devices and watch sports broadcasts, original programs and television series.

And all this without permanence!

Download: Movistar + Lite From the google Play Store.


Asian cinema is in fashion. If you are looking for an app to watch oriental movies, iQIYI is the best alternative. One of its strong points is that it offers subtitles in Spanish. In fact, its player has a multilingual subtitle option, so you can configure it in a wide range of languages.

iQIYI has a very interesting catalog of movies, which you can search by title, genre or date. You will enjoy Korean movies, anime and many other contents from the Asian territory. And with hardly any ads. Are you interested? Download the app and try it for a month completely free of charge.

Download: iQIYI From the Google Play Store.


If you like cult cinema, MUBI is the right place. With almost 1,000 titles, its catalog can boast of having some of the most appreciated jewels of the seventh art. Movies are handpicked by experts on a daily basis, so every day you’ll find freshly added content.

MUBI has a free trial period of 7 days. Among other things, it allows you to save movies to view them without Internet. The best thing is that each title is accompanied by an editorial-type article, reviews and ratings so that you have complete and verified information. And it also has a community of more than 9 million users with whom to share your impressions.

Download: MUBI From the Google Play Store.


Citizen Kane, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, La Dolce Vita, Fort Apache… This and much more is what you will find on FlixOlé, a video on demand service with more than 2,500 movies in high definition. With its catalog you can enjoy international and Spanish films, relive the best classics in black and white or delight in the most mythical duels of the American Wild West.

FlixOlé works through a subscription service (monthly or yearly) that gives full access to all content, including special collections. In addition, you will be able to watch the movies offline, create your favorites lists or broadcast via Chromecast. However, beforehand you have the possibility to try the service for 14 days without paying a single penny. It certainly deserves a chance.

Download: FlixOle From the Google Play Store.

Have you used any of them? Do you have any suggestions? We are waiting for you in the comments below!

Conclusion: The Best Apps to Watch Movies From Your Android Mobile

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