The Best Spaceship Games For Android and iPhone {Update 2022}

The best spaceship games for Android and iPhone: From the first old spaceship games to this 2022 a few years have passed. Do you remember the mythical Space Invaders?

Well, things have changed but nostalgia still calls, and  space games  are still among the most sought after on both Google Play and the App Store.

So today, at webinfozones, we will talk about the 15 best spaceship games for Android and iOS of this 2022. If aliens, battles, strategy and space are your thing, here we bring you all the essential titles of the genre for that you can enjoy them directly on your mobile or tablet.

Are you ready to live a unique and unrepeatable space adventure? Keep reading and get to know the ship games that cannot be missing on your device.

The 15 Most Addictive Ship Games For Android and iOS

If you’re wondering which are the best ship games of the moment, here’s an exquisite selection of 15 titles that you can’t miss. Strategy, battles, RPG type, Star Wars, Star Trek, arcade games… and much more!

Space Arena: Engineers are Cool Too

Space Arena is one of the most surprising titles on this list. You will be set in the year 4000-odd and you will embody a rookie engineer who wants to show his talent to the world.

To do this, you will have to enter the Spaceship Arena, a place of entertainment and games where only THE BEST enter, where you will have to create and design your own spaceships. In total, you will have 12 construction plans and different modules.

But your work does not end here. Once you have finished your ship, you can participate in exciting battles to test your designs.

As you beat the ships of other players, you will climb positions in the leagues that you participate. In short, a  competitive multiplayer game that is also immersive and requires strategy. Will you be the best ship designer in the universe?

Download: Space Arena From Google Play Store.

Astronest: The Beginning – Pure Science Fiction

What if we told you that the fate of humanity depends on you? Enter the universe of this  MMO  (massively multiplayer online) game and enjoy science fiction and strategy games like never before. Find resources, build your planets, evolve your heroes and manage your ships.

Among other things, you can participate in weekly tournaments, create your own armed fleet and strategic variant or take part in the chase mode to capture space pirates and bring them to justice.

The Beginning is free and requires a stable Internet connection. Alliances, colonizations and state-of-the-art alien technology!

Cosmic Challenge Racing, the most spectacular space races.

Will you be able to reach the finish line first? Put your skills to the test in Cosmic Challenge Racing, a  racing spaceship game  in which you’ll pilot your ship through different scenarios in search of victory.

Although it won’t be easy, since as you pass levels your opponents will make it more difficult for you.

But this is not all, but you can create and edit your own circuits, compete online to win prizes and connect different controllers to your mobile to enjoy driving without limits. Its graphics and gameplay are on another level. Hours and hours of fun await you!

Download: Astronest From the Google Play Store.

Space Justice: Galaxy Wars, a New Arcade Concept

You are in the 23rd century, you are the leader of a small operations team and your galaxy unites to defeat an unknown enemy. This is the starting point of Space Justice, an arcade-style ship game in which you must attack and shoot down aircraft with all kinds of gadgets in a  frantic battle at full speed.

As you progress, you will have the opportunity to improve your fleet and equip it with new technologies. You can even purchase combat drones! A title that is played vertically and that reminds us of the legendary ship video games in arcades. Enjoy it on both Android and iOS.

Sky Force Reloaded, something more than an isometric shooter

Explosions, incinerating lasers, colossal bosses, spaceships… This and much more is what awaits you in Sky Force Reloaded, an isometric shoot ’em up  that offers the best of the genre with high-definition scenarios and very successful special effects.

A game that has a captivating story and also has an online mode to play with your friends.

You will have the option to choose between 9 different ships and you will be able to add hundreds of weapons, shields and other accessories to them in order to overcome all the missions and challenges that you will find in each of its 15 immersive levels.

Without a doubt, one of the spaceship games that cannot be missing from your Android or iPhone.

Among Us, find the infiltrator of your ship

With over 100 million downloads, Among Us is one of the most famous online ship games of the last decade. In it, you will be part of the crew of a spaceship that is about to take off with 4-15 other players on board.

You will have to be very careful, since one or more players are impostors and will do whatever it takes to annihilate the rest of the crew.

And how do you play Among Us? To win the game you have two options: complete all the tasks that are proposed to you or discover and expel the impostors.

And if you play the impostor role, you can choose different characters (scientist, engineer, guardian angel or shapeshifter) in order to wreak havoc on the ship. Whether you are part of one side or another, victory will not be easy.

Download: Space Justice From the Google Play Store.

X Wing Flight: For Star Wars Fans

Of course, the Star Wars universe could not be left out of this list of spaceship games. We are talking about X Wing Flight, a game where you can command ships as mythical as the Millennium Falcon or the X-wing starfighter.

Your mission will be to save the galaxy from the evil Galactic Empire, commanded by Darth Sidious.

You will be immersed in battles full of adrenaline and action, where you must destroy all enemy planes and warships. To do this, you will have 3 powerful weapons: lasers, missiles and bombs. Will you achieve victory without getting lost in infinite space?

Download the game on Google Play and find out.

Download: X Wing Flight From the Google Play Store.

Space Invaders: Travel to the Past With this Arcade Game

Do you remember the mythical Space Invaders of the arcade machines? Well, Taito, the Japanese video game company that launched the game at the end of the 70s, now surprises us with an official mobile version that will delight fans of this spaceship title.

And how could it be otherwise, it does so while maintaining the essence of the original arcade.

So, with the help of a powerful cannon and your ability, you must save the Earth from a series of attacks by spaceships commanded by aliens. You can choose up to 3 control methods and 4 screen modes.

The game is available on both iOS and Android and its download costs €4.99. Also, the Japanese company has announced an augmented reality version called Space Invaders AR, which will also be available on both operating systems.

Alien Isolation, an adventure of horror and loneliness.

Do you want to get on board the famous Nostromo ship? If you are a fan of the movie Alien, this title will amaze you from the beginning. You will play Amanda Ripley, who has discovered that the flight log of her mother’s ship has been recovered 15 years later.

To find out what has happened, you will go to the Sevastopol space station, where a terrifying surprise awaits you.

It is a survival game in which you will have to face horrific creatures without any type of preparation or equipment. You will have to find the best hiding places and hidden objects to deal with all the threats.

Alien Isolation is fully optimized for mobile and supports different gamepads for a better gaming experience. Of course, you will need 11 GB free to be able to install it on your device.

Download: Space Invaders From the Google Play Store.

Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ

If you’re a Mass Effect player, this app for iOS and Android is what you need to stay in the game without being next to your console. With it, you can customize your equipment before the game, manage team missions, check your statistics or contact other users.

So if you are away from home and need to receive rewards to use in-game, you can use the app to recruit strike teams and send them on different missions. Mass Effect: Andromeda APEX HQ will keep you connected to the game at all times with an alert system, letting you know when your friends are playing or new content is available.

Download: Mass Effect From the Google Play Store.

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, for good strategists

Without a doubt, Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade is one of the best mobile MMORPGs within the theme of space games. The starting point of the plot is very interesting: you will be a commander of the Space Marines and you must lead the victory against the enemy forces of the Nihilus Empire.

To do this, you must be a great strategist and use the best tactics and skills to fight against the forces of chaos. You can play PvE games in real time or organize frenetic PvP battles.

And if you want, you will have the possibility to form alliances with your friends and challenge the feared Emperor. The game follows the free-to-play model, although it contains micro-purchases to add more items and supplies.

Download: Warhammer 40,000 From the Google Play Store.

Pixel Starships™: 8Bit Star Ship Trek – Incredible 8-Bit

Now it’s time for an online spaceship strategy game that won’t leave you indifferent. We are talking about Pixel Starships, a title that was financed with Kickstarter (online collective financing platform) and that is characterized by its nostalgic 8-bit style.

In Pixel Starships you will make all the decisions regarding your rocket or spaceship, from design or construction to battle strategy. In addition, you will have the option to form alliances and compete with your friends to achieve victory.

All in all, Pixel Starships is one of the best  Android RPG games in 2022. Of course, you can also download it on iOS.

Download: Pixel Starships™ From the Google Play Store.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, action and adrenaline in its purest form

If looking for an alternative to Space Invaders, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is one of the most addictive shooting action games on both iOS and Android. If there is one aspect that stands out in this title, it is its high-quality graphics, which are optimized for tablets and large-screen mobiles.

The game has a total of 140 levels of different difficulty, so each time you will face a higher number of enemies and more powerful final bosses. Now, you will have the option to upgrade your spaceship with more weapons and lasers as you pass levels.

And as if that weren’t enough, with its multiplayer mode you can challenge your friends and play exciting battles.

Infinite Galaxy, an immersive story with spectacular graphics.

It is the year 4649 and, after a long and hard war, the domination of the Empire begins to shake. This is the premise of Infinite Galaxy, a strategy ship game in which you will have to build a spaceport and your own flagship before exploring the galaxy and facing the dreaded space pirates.

In total, you will be able to build 30 different types of spaceships and, from these, form your fleets. But you will not be alone, but you have the possibility of forming alliances with other commanders and benefit from their qualities.

With a good strategy and your leadership skills, the entire galaxy can be yours. Destiny is written.

Star Trek™ Fleet Command, take command of the Enterprise

We couldn’t finish this selection of ship games without talking about Star Trek™ Fleet Command, a space battle MMO that will require your skills as a leader to save the galaxy from a war that would endanger the balance of the universe.

As a commander, you must raise your own army and build powerful ships to protect the galaxy.

Without going any further, you will be able to recruit characters from the saga as famous as James T. Kirk, Spock or Nero , and of course, build ships as emblematic as the Enterprise.

In its fast-paced open world you will battle with players from all over the world and lead the most powerful alliances. Star Trek™ Fleet Command is free to download and contains optional micro-purchases to unlock more features.

These are some of the most popular space games on Android and iOS, but there are many more. If you’re a fan of this genre and you’re into spaceships, we’re open to any suggestions or requests you can make of us. Comment below and share it with the rest of the users!

Download: Galaxy Attack From the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: The Best Spaceship Games For Android and iPhone

Okay now you know best spaceship Games for android and iPhone apps, hope you enjoy this list post of spaceship games apps for android and iPhone if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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