What is the Best app to Travel the World {Update 2022}

What is the best app to travel the world: Nowadays, it is difficult to plan a getaway or the adventure of a lifetime without using technology. Travel applications seek to make it easier for us before, during and after the trip.

The only complicated thing is knowing how to choose between all the Android and iOS travel apps. For this reason, we have taken care of analyzing and selecting the best travel applications of this 2022.

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Applications for BEFORE the Trip: Organization, Flights and Accommodation

Some of the best travel apps you will use before leaving home. Find out how they can help you find the best deals or organize your itinerary. With them you will plan your trip with tranquility and efficiency.

Hopper: Flights and Hotels

Hopper is one of the most popular travel apps. With it you can plan your trip according to your needs. Through its filters you will get the best flights according to the date and you will be able to book them quickly.

In addition, it has its own technology to predict flights. It will send you notifications advising you of the best time to book. As one of the best apps to save money, it also has a calendar with the cheapest accommodation dates.

Download: Hopper From the Google Play Store.

Skyscanner: Find the Best Deals

Skyscanner is a travel app where you can find your accommodation and the plane ticket. It will find you the cheapest flights on the best dates, thanks to its search filters and suggestions.

However, it is not just an app to buy cheap flights. It has a section to reserve accommodation, with the best prices in hotels, apartments, resorts and hostels around the world. And also with another section to rent personalized transport.

Download: Skycanner From the Google Play Store.

Flightradar24: Control Your Flight

Flightradar24 is an app for travelers who want to track their flight and have a 3D perspective. You will be able to identify the flights, know their routes, the type of plane, the altitude, the speed and the time of arrival at their destination.

It also offers you the arrival and departure details of your flight, along with its status and updated statistics on possible delays. And as if that were not enough, report the weather in case it affects your trip.

Download: Flightradar24 From the Google Play Store.

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Repsol Guide: A Tailor-Made Trip

Repsol Guide is an app for organizing trips that is well known today. Their recommendations and plans made by users are very useful. With it you can create a plan tailored to your needs or those of the group.

It helps you plan the route, create a travel group and book hotel accommodation. Also to book in the best restaurants and the transport that best suits your route.

Download: Repsol Guide From the Apkmonk Store.

BlaBlaCar: To Travel Cheaply by Car

BlaBlaCar is one of the best applications to travel cheaply by car. It consists of renting a place in another person’s vehicle or offering yours when you make a journey and thus share expenses.

The first thing you should know about how Blablacar works is to create a profile. Then, enter the “passenger” or “driver” section. The first option allows you to search for the origin, destination, date and the cheapest price. The second option is for people who publish a trip, where they must detail the origin, destination, number of passengers and the price of the trip.

Download: BlaBlaCar From the Google Play Store.

Booking: Offers and Discounts in Hotels

Booking is one of the best-known hotel deals apps . It allows you to book lodging in hotels, apartments, houses and hostels. The app has multiple filters to search by country, city, places of interest or by name.

As it is an app to get cheap trips, there are no management fees or charges for paying by credit card. The app sends discount notifications every day, according to the search parameters and filters used. And it is possible to make changes to reservations at any time.

Download: Booking From the Google Play Store.

AirBNB: Apartments and Experiences

AirBNB is one of the most useful apps for travelers, with which to find accommodation in unique places. For the search, you can determine the characteristics of the site where you want to stay, the place (country, city and geographical area) and the number of people with whom to share it.

It also offers you to plan unique activities and experiences organized near the lodging. If you are a person who wants to rent their home, this app is also for you. You will only have to determine its characteristics and the price.

Download: AirBNB From the Google Play Store.

Minube: Get Inspired For Your Next Getaway

Minube is an excellent app to discover places during your trip. It will be very useful when you are not sure where to travel, since it will give you the best recommendations (according to the country, city, accommodation, date, duration of the trip and places to visit).

In case you are clear about your destination, this app also helps you with planning. You can use Minube to find out about the restaurants on your route or the natural or artificial monuments to visit.

Download: Minube From the Google Play Store.

Packpoint: Your Packing List

Packpoint is an app to organize your trips easily. It’s designed to provide packing recommendations based on trip length, weather, and planned activities. It also takes into account the city, the date and the existence of nearby laundries.

On the other hand, it is useful to calculate the price of the trip, by analyzing the weight of your luggage to avoid overweight charges. Once you have it organized, you can save the list and share it with your companions.

Download: Packpoint From the Google Play Store.

Roadtrippers: Road Trip Planner

Roadtrippers is an app to plan road trips. With it you can organize your trip in your car or in your motorhome. The app informs you of the places to visit near your route, as well as local restaurants, places to stay and unique attractions.

If you don’t have inspiration to plan your trip, this app has pre-made guides. It is also possible to use those published by other users. If you are clear about your road trip, just mark the options available on it and enjoy the adventure.

Download: Roadtrippers From the Google Play Store.

WiFiMap: Find Free Hotspots

If you want to have Wi-Fi throughout your trip, WiFiMap is the application you need. It will inform you of nearby available Wi-Fi hotspots through its smart search.

The app gives you the keys to all the points, so all you have to do is connect. On the other hand, you can share Wi-Fi and create hotspots so that others can connect.

Apps for the destination that will help you DURING the trip.

Download: WifiMap From the Google Play Store.

If during your trip you need some kind of help, ideas or advice, you have to know some of the following applications to travel:

TravelSpend: Travel Expenses and Budgets

TravelSpend is the best app to control your travel expenses. Thanks to its friendly and easy-to-use interface, you will be able to manage the expenses of your trip, as well as distribute them among the people who go with you. It is ideal to not spend more and save money.

Unlike other apps for travel expenses, it does not need an internet connection and includes all types of currencies. You will be able to share the budget template with your family, synchronizing in real-time. It is available on both Android and iOS.

Download: TravelSpend From the google Play Store.

iOverlander: For those Who Travel by Motorcycle or Van

iOverlander is an app for motorcyclists who want to plan their trip. With it it will be possible to specify your route and know the closest services: camping, hotels, mechanical workshops, restaurants and service stations.

You can also use iOverlander to add new places to the map and analyze your position with GPS. Also, the app helps you calculate the kilometers you have left and the time to your destination.

Download: iOverlander From the Google Play Store.

Xe Currency: Currency Converter

If you are going to make purchases during your trip in different currencies, Xe Currency helps you with the exchange rate. The app provides you with the conversion of your currency to the local currency, as well as the type of tax paid.

As an application to travel, it will allow you to request or make transfers even if you are in another country. You don’t have to worry about your bank either, because the app supports international transfers and is available in more than 130 countries.

Download: Xe Currency From the Google Play Store.

Maps.me: The Best Offline Maps

Maps.me is one of the most useful applications for traveling today. It is ideal to consult maps of the route, streets or trails offline. It also gives you your location, so you can use it to travel on foot or by car using your mobile’s GPS.

Maps are always up-to-date with points of interest, such as restaurants or lodging. It is also optimized not to consume excessive battery power and reports traffic data in real-time.

Download: Maps.me From the Google Play Store.

Tripadvisor: Read the Opinions of Other Travelers and Book

Tripadvisor is another recommendation-based travel app. It will allow you to get the most out of your trip and be informed of everything you need. It includes many opinions that will help you prevent any unexpected situation.

And it is that it has a section on security measures for travelers, as well as another with opinions of the lodgings (which can serve as a guide).

Download: Tripadvisor From the Google Play Store.

The Lonely Planet Guides

This travel app can work as an excellent guide . It has a large number of guides made by tourism experts, as well as recommendations from users.

These guides include hotels, restaurants, historical places to visit, places of medical attention and activities close to your location. And the app offers other very useful tools, such as offline maps and a translator in 19 languages.

Google translator

Not all travel apps have to have maps or GPS. And sometimes we need help with the language. For these cases, the Google translator is the best option. Use the translate conversations feature (in 70 languages) if you need to communicate with local people.

It also helps you to translate any written text, from a simple photo that you take at that moment. On the other hand, with its “offline” option you can use it offline anywhere.

Download: Google Translator From the Google Play Store.

AroundMe: What’s Near Me?

If you are wondering what to see or do near where you are, AroundMe is perfect. This application allows you to know the locations near you : banks, ATMs, bars, cafes, cinemas, parking lots, gas stations, pharmacies and much more.

By clicking on one of the options, all the results and the distance at which they are found will appear. Then, clicking on any result will open the Google map with directions to get there.

Download: AroundMe From the Google Play Storee.

Rentalcars: Rent a Car in any Country

Rentalcars is considered the best car rental app today. This application will allow you to rent cars of different types and companies thanks to its filters.

To do this, you only have to select the days, the place of collection and if you will return it in the same place. Also the reason for the reservation: work or leisure. With this, the cheapest and closest results to where you are will appear.

Download: Rentalcars From the Google Play Store.

Citymapper: Move Around the Big Cities

Citymapper is an app to travel by public transport more easily. You can use it during your trip. It provides you with available public transportation options based on your location, as well as the maximum travel time.

Being an app to travel by public transport, it informs you how to get to your destination step by step. You can also use the available maps and guide yourself on them, choosing one of three different views. Also, Citymapper will provide information about local traffic and thus avoid mishaps.

Download: Citymapper From the Google Play Store.

Randonautica: An App to go to Strange Places

If you have an adventurous instinct, then Randonautica is the app you need. And it works by giving you random places near you to visit. Then decide whether to visit them physically or use the digital exploration function to do it without moving from where you are.

It is an app to discover tourist and strange places with many options available. Randonautica uses your location on the map to generate points of interest, divided into anomalies and blind spots.

Download: Randonautica From the Google Play Store.

Worldpackers: The App For Backpackers

Worldpackers is an app for backpackers looking for new adventures. It offers 3 options : work exchange, social impact and eco program. After selecting one of them, it will ask you to answer some questions and then provide you with the compatible results.

These include everything from free accommodation to freelance jobs , as well as excellent activities for this type of trip. You can also get advice from professional backpackers.

Download: Worldpackers From the Google Play Store.

Flush: Find the Nearest Public Toilet

Flush is a very peculiar travel app. It is designed to find the closest public restrooms to your location. For each result, it details if it is adapted for disability, if it is necessary to use a key or if it has a cost.

In addition, it provides you with detailed directions to get to the place. And all this, without the need for an Internet connection.

Download: Flush From the Google Play Store.

Turbo VPN: Bypass Restrictions and Improve Your Privacy

This app is a mobile VPN. If during your trip you connect to many public Wi-fi points, you are exposed to data theft. To avoid this, this app provides you with security at all times, whether it’s the Wi-Fi at the airport or in a cafeteria.

Using this VPN, you will enjoy 127-bit encryption and the use of IPsec/OpenVPN (UDP / TCP) protocols. You will be able to continue watching videos on YouTube or playing games during your trip with total security. In addition, Turbo VPN is also ideal for when you make bank transfers.

Download: Turbo VPN From the Google Play Store.

Best apps for AFTER the trip

Although your trip is over, there are still some apps that will help you keep remembering your adventure:

Dropbox: Share all the Photos and Videos

Dropbox is an app to upload files to the cloud and synchronize your images. It is the best option to save all your photos and videos of the trip. And you can share all those moments with your loved ones by giving them access through a link.

They will be able to view the content online or download it easily. It will also help you to have all the photos synchronized between your different devices, such as your mobile or computer.

Download: Dropbox From the Google Play Store.

Paper Lover: Print Your Favorite Albums and Photos

Although it is not part of the travel apps, this app is equally useful for travelers. If you want to immortalize all the memories , Paper Lover is what you need. And it is that it will help you to create an album with all the photos of the trip.

It will also help you to print different types of albums: landscape, vertical, 21×21, smart album, among many others. Also to create calendars, mugs and magnets with photos of your trip.

Download: Paper Lover From the Google Play Store.

Filmora GO: Edit Your Favorite Videos

If you need an app to edit the videos of your trip, Filmora GO is the best option. It is the mobile version of the famous editing software. It allows you to create 30-second clips of your videos and share them with your contacts.

It also offers stickers and templates to create impressive editions. And after creating the perfect video of your vacation, it will give you the option to post it on your social networks.

Download: Filmora GO From the Google PLay Store.

Duolingo: learn the local language

If during your trip you were interested in the local language, read on. Duolingo is one of the most popular language-learning apps today. It will help you practice English before your next trip to the United States, for example.

The app is ideal for people with little time and adapts to all levels. It doesn’t just work for learning English. It also has lessons in German or French, among 90 other languages.

Download: Duolingo From the Google Play Store.


Conclusion: What is the Best app to Travel the World

Okay now you know what is the best app to travel the world apps, hope you enjoy this list post of best travel apps for android and iOS, if you know some more please let me know via comment, I will update for sure.

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