What is the best launcher for Android {Update 2022}

What is the best launcher for Android in 2022: Android is a highly customizable operating system. You can modify the appearance of the home screen, the shape, and even change the size of the icons, the main theme of the mobile, or the transitions, among many other things.

In this sense, launchers or application launchers are the perfect tools to personalize the device. Do you know them?

Today, at webinfozones, we have prepared a selection for you with the 15 best Android launchers of 2022. A complete and updated review of all the launchers that are currently succeeding in the Play Store.

But this is not all. We will also explain in detail what third-party launchers are and what they are for, in addition to answering any questions you may have about their operation and configuration.

Do you want to renew the interface of your mobile completely? Stay a few minutes and discover everything you can do with Android launchers.

The Best Launchers For Android 2022: Our Selection

In Google Play there is an increasing variety of application launchers. Despite the fact that some like Evie Launcher or Google Now Launcher were permanently removed from the store or others like Go have been losing followers, now you have more interesting options than ever.

If you want to know them, then we bring you a super list with the best 2022 launchers for Android.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the quintessential Android launchers. With more than 50 million downloads and several years of experience, it offers you endless customization possibilities for your device. One of its strong points is that each update brings the news of the latest version of Android.

This way you can renew the appearance of your mobile even if you cannot update the IOS.

On the other hand, Nova supports thousands of Play Store icons and can be integrated with Google Now. It also allows you to choose between light or dark mode, change the type of scrolling, make backup copies of the app’s configuration or choose different types of transitions.

Nova Launcher is free, while its Prime version has extra features like hiding icons or creating folders in the app drawer. In short, a very intuitive, fast and complete launcher.

Download: Nova Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Google Pixel Launcher

This official Google launcher is exclusive to the company’s Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Its interface is very basic, but it comes with everything you need to improve the user experience. The app allows you to customize various functions and gestures of your mobile, such as swipes (the way you slide the screen), app suggestions, access to Google searches or the type of shortcuts.

On the other hand, Pixel Launcher is one of the fastest launchers on the market and stands out for consuming very little battery power. Of course, it does not include options to customize the icons or to create folders in the app drawer. Nothing that should be an impediment if you are looking for a basic and free launcher.

Download: Google Pixel Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Smart Launcher 5

Another of the launchers that could not be missing from this selection is Smart Launcher 5. This fifth version comes loaded with many new features, but it keeps its simple and minimalist philosophy intact, perfect for mobiles with fewer resources.

Also, its name “smart” is not random, since the app automatically classifies the different applications according to their theme.

On the other hand, unlike other launchers, you will have one screen for icons only, one for widgets and one for news. Among its features, you can choose from hundreds of themes and more than 30 types of icon shapes, edit the lock screen or change the types of gestures.

The settings are very varied (although it does not have a Dock option) and its interface uses very few resources. Without a doubt, the most beautiful launcher in the entire list.

Download: Smart Launcher 5 From the Google Play Store.

Lawnchair 2

If you don’t have a Google phone and are looking for an alternative similar to Pixel Launcher, Lawnchair 2 is ideal for you. Its appearance is very similar to the launcher preinstalled on the mobile, so you will quickly become familiar with it.

Although it is true that it does not have a large number of customization options, it does have all the basic ones: widgets, themes, shortcuts, application drawer, gestures, icon packs, etc.

The operation of the tool is very agile and its configuration menus are very intuitive. It also has integration with Google Now and can be modified (being open source software). And as if that were not enough, it is 100% free. You will not have to pay for a premium version or make micro purchases to add more features.

Download: Lawnchair 2 From the Google Play Store.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is one of the most popular and downloaded launchers on Google Play. Its latest version presents a totally renewed interface  that is committed to simplicity and functionality. There are options to customize the home screen and dock, to edit effects and transitions, to sort items in the app drawer, or to change the look of the IOS with different themes.

One of its most outstanding functions is AppLock, which allows you to lock applications and files using a password or a biometric pattern. And if you want, you can also make a backup copy of the app configuration and apply it to another mobile or device that you have. Apex Launcher is free to download and there is a paid Pro version with all features unlocked.

Download: Apex Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is the official launcher of the American company founded by Bill Gates. It is a completely free alternative and features full integration with Microsoft apps and services, such as Outlook, One Note, Office, Edge, and even the Cortana voice assistant.

As for its customization options, Microsoft Launcher gives you the possibility to change the home screen and icons, add gestures, view notes and task lists or configure the search bar to use Google.

In addition, its latest version brings improvements in its performance that translate into less battery consumption and less charging time. In short, an option to consider.

Download: Microsoft Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Action Launcher

Another launcher similar to Nova is Action Launcher. It is one of the most popular options on Google Play. It is highly customizable, especially from an aesthetic point of view. You could say that Action has most of Nova’s features (widgets, app drawer, transitions, icon packs…) but with a much more modern touch.

On the other hand, two of the most interesting features of Action are Quicktheme and Quickbar. The first uses the colors of the wallpaper to create a theme. The second allows you to customize the Google search bar with your own shortcuts and applications.

Also, you have the shutters or blinds to open the widget of an app without entering it. Action Launcher is free to download, while some features require the Plus version.

Download: Action Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is one of the newly landed launchers on Google Play. And so far it only accumulates good reviews. Its design is very minimalist and its home screen is totally renewed and simplified so that everything is accessible with one hand.

On the other hand, it does not have the typical grid layout, but rather offers more freedom to distribute the different elements.

One of the most interesting features is the organization of apps in alphabetical order on the home screen. This is perfect for finding the app you are looking for with little effort. Of course, you will have options to change the icons, the fonts or the wallpaper.

And if you still have no reason to download it, Niagara Launcher has no ads in its free version.

Download: Niagara Launcher From the Google Play Store.

AIO Launcher

Now it’s time to talk about a totally different launcher concept. This is the case of AIO Launcher, an app that is not characterized by customization options or colorful themes. Instead, it focuses on providing a useful home screen with everything you need to be more productive with your mobile or tablet.

In this sense, AIO Launcher allows you to view on a single screen a large number of elements such as: current weather, frequent applications, contacts, last calls, traffic, calendar, your tweets, the price of Bitcoin or your notes, among others. But this is not all. It also includes some customization options for icons, fonts or widgets.

AIO is free and has a paid version with extra features.

Download: AIO Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Rootless Launcher

A lesser-known but very interesting option is Rootless Launcher. It is a modified version of Google’s Pixel launcher, but with the difference that it can be installed on any Android mobile. It is a very simple launcher that will allow you to use adaptive icon packs, change the wallpaper or customize the home screen with widgets and other elements.

On the other hand, you will be able to change the location of the Google search bar and place it at the bottom of the screen (although it is not possible to remove it). Rootless Launcher works great on any phone and all its features are 100% free.

Download: Rootless Launcher From the Google Play Store.

ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2 is one of the best alternatives to the most popular launchers on Google Play. Its developers went a while without releasing updates, but they decided to completely revamp it with new and very interesting features. The app has a wide range of possibilities: customizable gestures, shortcuts, icon packs, themes, app drawer, dynamic wallpapers… and much more!

One of its most positive aspects is its excellent performance on all types of mobiles, from the most basic to the highest range. On the other hand, it allows you to import settings from other launchers or set secondary actions on desktop shortcuts. ADW is free while some features are exclusive to the paid version.

Download: ADW Launcher 2 From the Google Play Store.

Total Launcher

If you are looking for a launcher with endless customization options, Total Launcher is one of the most charming alternatives on the Play Store. Its colorful and daring design will completely change the interface of your mobile.

It has different themes, widgets and icons to edit each of the elements of the operating system to your liking.

Due to its light weight, Total Launcher runs fast on all devices and its transitions are smooth and dynamic. Just let your imagination fly and discover all the possibilities it offers you. The app is free and has a one-time premium version that costs €5 to fully enjoy it.

Download: Total Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is one of the launchers with the most potential in this selection. Perhaps it does not have as wide a range as Nova or Pixel, but its customization possibilities are the same or even more complete.

And it is that the app comes equipped with unique features such as the ability to edit animations, a two-story dock or an option to lock the launcher.

Another of its strengths are the many icon editing options. You can change its shape (they are adaptive), its size, the color of the text or its shadows, either in the app drawer, in the dock or on the desktop. You can also insert the Google feed or show the events you have on the calendar.

Hyperion Launcher has two versions, one free and one paid version with more options.

Download: Hyperion Launcher From the Google Play Store.

POCO Launcher

POCO Launcher is a launcher developed by Xiaomi. Its interface is based precisely on the appearance of the mobiles of the manufacturer’s POCO range. It can be installed on any Android mobile with Lollipop version or higher, whether Xiaomi or another brand.

If you’re looking for a minimalist and intuitive design, you’ll find a simple app that’s taken care of down to the smallest detail. And although it doesn’t have excessive customization options, you can apply themes, icon packs, animations, wallpapers or classify the apps according to the color of their icon.

POCO Launcher is free and contains some ads.

Download: POCO Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Pear Launcher

We end this list of Android launchers with Pear, a lesser-known alternative but one that has many customization options. You can fully edit the desktop (grid size, icon labels…), the dock (the number of apps, their background…) and the app drawer (order apps alphabetically, insert a search bar…).

On the other hand, Pear Launcher has integration with Google Now, dark mode, support for smart folders and an option to hide apps. Of course, you can also add gestures, create shortcuts or apply icon packs and very varied themes. And if you want, you can use it as a lock screen app without a button. The free version is very complete and ad-free, while only some features require the Pro version.

Download: Pear Launcher From the Google Play Store.

Android Launchers: What They are and What they are For?

If you’ve recently moved to Android, you probably don’t know what a launcher is. It is an application with which you can customize the home screen of your mobile or table. Either changing its original appearance or adding elements that the operating system does not have by default.

All Android devices come with a pre-installed launcher that is usually configured by default by the manufacturer. But you always have the possibility to replace it with a third-party one. In Google Play there is a wide variety of launchers, which usually have more customization options than the one installed by default.

Among other things, with a launcher you can change app icons, add transitions when changing menus or opening an app, modify the app drawer, add more home screens, change the mobile theme or create custom folders. The operation is very similar in all of them.

Download: Android Launchers From the Google Play Store.

Why should you use (or not) a launcher on your mobile?

Installing a launcher is completely optional. There is no problem if you decide to use the native Android launcher. Now, there are several reasons why we recommend using a third-party launcher.

First of all, and as we have already mentioned in the previous section, third-party launchers have a greater variety of customization options. In addition, some of them even have unique features (such as lock screen without a button or organizing apps on the home screen without a grid).

On the other hand, unlike the one installed by default, they are usually optimized for all types of mobiles, both low-end and high-end. Also, they are updated more frequently. This will make you enjoy the news of Android before the operating system has the latest version available.

However, it is necessary to note that most launchers access a large number of device permissions. This implies giving a lot of data to its developers about its use. For this reason, before downloading one or the other, find out about its specifications and read the comments of other users. If you want to preserve your privacy, not all options are valid.

What to keep in mind when choosing a launcher for Android?

Apart from the 15 launchers selected in this post, there are hundreds of options on Google Play. That is why choosing one in particular can be a really complicated task. It will not only depend on your tastes or the number of customization options you need, but also on whether it is a reliable launcher and does not compromise the security of your mobile.

Broadly speaking, these are the factors to consider before downloading a launcher:

License – Some launchers are completely free, but others are more limited and offer Pro or Premium plans to expand the options. Among the free ones, some have quite invasive advertising or will constantly ask you to download other applications.

Permissions: some launchers will ask you for access to many mobile permissions. You must be aware of this and assess whether it is worth installing them, since there are alternatives that do not require so many permissions. Anyway, most options on Google Play are safe.

Appearance and interface design: Choose one or the other depending on whether you are looking for a more minimalist or more colorful interface. There are also less conventional options that flee from the typical design.

Google Now Support – If you want to be more productive, there are plenty of launchers that support the popular Google Assistant. It is not an essential requirement, but it is a point in favor.

Applications folder: It is more and more typical for launchers to include a drawer to add applications and group them in folders. There are also others that opt ​​for the classic and only have the option of placing the apps on the home screen.

Icon Packs – Although not strictly necessary, these packs allow you to change the design, shape, and size of the icons. Some software also have adaptive icons.

Folders – If you like to group your apps into folders, some launchers allow you to do so very intuitively.

Backup copies: one of the most interesting features is the possibility of making backups of the launcher. These copies allow you to go back to a previous configuration or directly apply the settings on other devices.

Widget support – While most launchers include widgets, it’s important to consider whether they can be edited or where they can be placed (on the main screen or apart). Also, some launchers have exclusive widgets.

Degree of customization – Some like Nova have endless customization options (different text fonts, transitions, gestures, theme colors, grid size…), but there are also alternatives that offer only the most basic options.

Extra Options – If you are looking for a particular feature, each launcher usually has exclusive features. Some of them are the possibility of locking the screen without a button, the integration with Microsoft services, the intelligent organization of apps or the blinds.

How to change the launcher of my phone?

The Android settings section has a section where you can change the device’s launcher. You can reconfigure the default launcher of the operating system or use one that you have downloaded from Google Play. The steps to follow are those:

Go to Settings > Applications. (On some models it may appear as Apps & notifications.)

Once inside, press the button with three vertical dots (···) located in the upper right corner.

Now, select Advanced Options from the dropdown menu and then Default apps.

Finally, go to Home Screen and select one of the launchers you have installed to make the change.

As you can see, the procedure to change the launcher is very simple. Of course, it is possible that some steps present small differences or that some intermediate step is even missing depending on the brand of your mobile. Although, in general, the options are quite similar.

Launchers on Android: all your doubts solved

What is the best launcher?

There is a fairly broad consensus that Nova is the best launcher for Android devices. It is highly customizable, integrates with Google Now and offers the ability to generate adaptive icons. Now, there are other launchers like Niagara, Pear or Action Launcher that are making a strong comeback and could end up becoming strong competitors for Nova.

What is the best launcher for Xiaomi?

If you have a Xiaomi mobile, the best option is to install the launcher developed by the Chinese manufacturer itself: POCO. Its simplicity and minimalism make it the ideal option to get the most out of the features and functionalities of your Xiaomi device.

Also Nova or Action Launcher works very well on the devices of the Chinese manufacturer.

What is the best launcher for Android 11 and 12?

Most of the launchers that can be downloaded on Google Play are compatible with Android versions 11 and 12. In this sense, Nova remains our favorite option. Although others like Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher 5 or Niagara are options to consider, since they work very well on the most recent versions of Android.

What is the best free launcher?

Lawn chair 2 and Rootless Launcher are two of the most recommended free launchers for Android. Both options are 100% free, that is, they do not have a paid version with Premium features or micro-purchases to expand the customization possibilities.

What is the fastest launcher?

Without a doubt, Nova Launcher is the fastest launcher in the Play Store. Its performance is excellent on all types of devices (low, medium and high range) and its transitions stand out for being fluid and clean. Another very speedy option is Google’s Pixel. Thanks to its minimalist design and basic functions, it consumes very few device resources.

What is the best 3D launcher?

One of the best 3D Android launcher is U Launcher 3D, developed by Mobile apps. This launcher includes more than 10,000 themes and wallpapers in 3D and HD, in addition to having a variety of icon packs, effects, transitions and other customization options.

How to restore the launcher?

If you have a launcher installed and need to restore it, the quickest option is to install and uninstall the app. The uninstall process removes all settings made. That way, it will have the initial settings when you install the launcher again.

In some launchers you also have the option to restore a backup, but in this case you will return to the last saved configuration.

What is the best game launcher for Android?

OXO is probably the best game launcher for Android devices (and also the most complete). The app is perfect for organizing all the installed games in one place and it has a video game accelerator to increase the performance of the terminal while you play.

What is the Samsung launcher?

If you have a Samsung mobile, on Google Play you can download the company’s official launcher: Samsung One UI. You have options to hide navigation buttons, add gestures, or rearrange app icons. And if you are looking for a more complete app, you can also install other unofficial launchers like Super S10 Launcher or Launcher Galaxy S21 Style.

What is the Google launcher?

Google’s official launcher is called Pixel Launcher. It is an exclusive tool for the devices of the Pixel range of the American company and its download is completely free.

What is the best iPhone launcher for Android?

If you want to imitate the look of an iPhone on your Android mobile, you can find some interesting options in the Play Store. The most complete and successful is the iOS 15 Launcher from Launcher Studio.

It is free to download and includes most of the features of the iPhone interface, such as the folder layout, the home screen or the widgets.

What happened to Google Launcher?

Google Now Launcher ceased to exist in 2018. It was a very intuitive launcher and especially useful for people unfamiliar with technology. However, its design became obsolete with the new Android updates. That’s why Google decided to bet on a new launcher with new and improved features: Pixel Launcher.

What is the best ad-free launcher?

Pear Launcher is the most complete launcher with no ads in its free version. It is a very complete option (icon packs, smart folders, shortcuts…) and it has integration with Google Now. Another ad-free alternative is Niagara Launcher, an app that bets on a simple and innovative launcher design.

What is the fastest and lightest launcher for Android?

If you are looking for a launcher that is fast and light at the same time, Total Launcher is the perfect option for your Android. Its installation occupies little more than 3MB of the mobile’s memory and its operation is extremely simple.

And you, do you use any of these launchers for Android? Do you recommend any other?

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